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Your “WTF” Moments: Handling them with Grace and Resilience

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Before we start: WTF means What the F***?

I have had so many WTF moments in my life, I don’t even know where to start. You know those moments where you say to yourself “What the hell was I thinking?” “I can’t believe I did that ish, damn!”  Or “How could I not see that dip in the sidewalk?” Many of the WTF faux pas moments were lighthearted: Loosing balance in 1 of my ankles while wearing my stilettos.  Crying and class and getting 1 pat on the back to shut up lol. Others were a little bit more painful: That time I had a one night stand and wanted something more, smh; spending too much money on food; cramming for a final exam and eventually failing–I went to class for nothing; allowing someone else’s opinion of me to validate my self worth. That last one is something. If you look back on a past relationship I am sure you can say WTF was I thinking and I can’t believe I put up with that, ugh! That would leave anyone feeling shame to know that you can go so low, just so someone else can see you.

However, these tough moments in life–that were self inflicted–caused a lot of grief. I didn’t think I would make it through these moments…boo hoo! Well I did make it through. Can’t say I’m not scarred, more so beautifully flawed. Often times obstacles, ish, adversities can be soooo big that you can’t see past them. Especially if your ass is the reason you are there.  Nothing worse the f’ing up your own shit and watching it crumble.


So I can proudly say, I come from a place of experience. (And those are my G-rated WTF’s by the way.)

As I grow, I find it harder to judge others and their shortcomings. I mean, you would have to really do something off the wall to make me say, “wow…..” Everybody is struggling and fighting a battle so a little compassion goes a long way. Because all of us will need it at some point. That is one of the reasons I have stopped reading gossip sites years ago.

Anyhoo, what works for me in my faux pas WTF moments is acknowledging that it happened. Say to yourself “Yes, I (insert WTF moment). It doesn’t mean I am that bad, but at the moment my judgment, quite possibly my vision, was cloudy. I am able to overcome that but self awareness is a starting point in the right direction. I am aware that this decision does not align with who I am and I would like to do better next time.” The end. Another thing I try to remember is “will this matter in 100 years?” Most likely, it won’t.  The theory behind that is “This too shall pass.” Nothing good or bad lasts forever and your time here is precious so why continuously beat yourself down for your mistakes or embarrassing moments.

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