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I Am the Woman of my Dreams

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We all have this version of ourselves that we see in our head or heart.

She is fabulous, fit, fancy #bossstatus.  However, when we look around us, it seems that those visions got lost in the translation of reality.  We are not living the dreams we see.  Ish is not playing out the way we envisioned it to be.

This is a source of unhappiness for many.

We are stuck between what we see and what is actually happening.  And nothing is more frustrating than seeing yourself as happier, doing better and accomplishing your dreams, but not quite seeing it manifested.  Understand that life is about the journey and not the destination.  Look at your vision for yourself years ago.  I would bet that if your present self is not quite it, you aren’t far from it.  You graduated college, you are working, you are on your own, you have reliable transportation, things that used to bother you no longer bother you.  The point of having visions for your self is it promotes growth.  Your imagination is very powerful as it always gives you something to aspire to.  The bar is always set.  It is there to let you know what you are capable of.  So how do you get there?  How do you reach that woman? Well simply by realizing that you are already her.  Be grateful for where you are and those thoughts for the inspiration. It is there to help you.

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My name is Robinette and I love cupcakes, cakes, and donuts! I am a follower of Christ, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I believe my life’s purpose is to empower women by inspiring them to rise to optimal living, hence the blog. I believe that I am already a success because I am following my dreams and on track to my life’s purpose and what to see other women do the same. I will share my life’s lessons and the wisdom I have gained from it using my signature humor…Ok I’m not that funny.

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Hi! My name is Robinette.

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I am not a role model… just a messenger. Since I can remember, I have been in love with helping myself to do better and helping others.



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