Sunny Sundays

Sunny Sundays

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imagesCAKGG7YBI love Sundays! It is the day where I can relax, give thanks, attend church, and eat good.  I usually lay around the house, especially if I don’t have an extremely busy upcoming week.  Sunday is reserved for watching my favorite movies with my son, or watching the History channel.  I surf the internet to no end with no goals in mind.  My Sundays are great because it allows me to recharge from the previous week and are very much needed.

I do believe that this day should be reserved for relaxing.  Many times, us busy women believe we have to work all day everyday and believe that if we are not working, we are not being productive.  When actually working too much can be sort of counter-productive.  We need our rest to function at our best..Relaxation should not be a luxury, it should be a necessity.  Do not beat yourself down for taking a break, a lil R&R never hurt nobody baby!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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My name is Robinette and I love cupcakes, cakes, and donuts! I am a follower of Christ, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I believe my life’s purpose is to empower women by inspiring them to rise to optimal living, hence the blog. I believe that I am already a success because I am following my dreams and on track to my life’s purpose and what to see other women do the same. I will share my life’s lessons and the wisdom I have gained from it using my signature humor…Ok I’m not that funny.

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