Sitting On Your Gifts

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Everyone has a talent and/or gift. It is up to you to discover what it is. We may not have the vocals as Whitney Houston, the acting of Lupita, or the great hand technique of your favorite Makeup Artist. Some people know their gifts from a young age, many people, however, have to uncover their gifts under trial and error. Most people do not EVER discover what their God-given talent and gifts are. These same people have had many thoughts and ideas on things that they would like to do or try, but fear holds them back. “What will they think if I make a career change at 35? I would have to start from the bottom. I am too old to do that.” So instead of stepping out on that desire, fear cripples them to a job that does not best utilize their talents and doesn’t align with their personality or characteristics.

We live in a time of instant gratification. People don’t want others to see them start from the bottom. On social media, we want to look as if we have got it together and things are going perfectly. Many try to keep up an image of having it made even if life is not what they portray.

I believe that sitting on your gifts are dangerous. Why? Because when you don’t realize your full potential, you fail to make a contribution. There is somebody out there who needs to hear your story because they are experiencing something similar. There is somebody out there who wants to buy your product. There is somebody out there who needs your services because you would provide that extra touch. It’s as simple as that. You don’t have to know what you want to do. But once you set your intention on finding out what it is, it will be revealed to you over time. So long as you do the work. In my next blog post, I will discuss how you can discover your gifts.


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My name is Robinette and I love cupcakes, cakes, and donuts! I am a follower of Christ, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I believe my life’s purpose is to empower women by inspiring them to rise to optimal living, hence the blog. I believe that I am already a success because I am following my dreams and on track to my life’s purpose and what to see other women do the same. I will share my life’s lessons and the wisdom I have gained from it using my signature humor…Ok I’m not that funny.

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