Running Towards Your Obstacles

Running Towards Your Obstacles

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images (22)Scenario:  You have a great idea to do something wonderful and you are excited.  Your idea could be you finally embarking on that business venture, going back to school, or moving to a new city.  You do everything to make sure all is good and are sure that everything is going to work out fine and then it hits, your first obstacle. Its like “where this ish come from,” or “Really, I mean really lil stumbling block?” You really thought that because you had the green light that everything would be smooth sailing huh?  You got confirmation from God and you thought that you was just going to waltz on in to your promise land right?


Obstacles usually come at the most inconvenient time.  They come when great things are about to occur in your life.  They come at probably the most promising time of your life and wreck its havoc.  Unfortunately to the untrained eye, an obstacle can seem like a denial of your dream.  And many people give up in this time.  A woman may have wanted to get her real estate license but was unable to pass the test the first try and gives up.  Another woman may dream of being a singer, but after attending auditions for only 2 weeks, prematurely decides that this is not her right calling.

Many don’t realize the true nature of an obstacle:  To give you strength and incite persistence in an individual.  To bring out the best in you.  For you to discover parts of you that you didn’t know about yourself.  For my gym rats, you know that you don’t build muscles by standing around eating donuts wishing that you were building muscle.  Those people know that muscles are built when pressure is applied through the act of weight lifting.  The point is to not let the weight weigh you down (unless its too heavy lol) but for you to push through it.


In my life, gosh I have faced many obstacles that came when it seemed I was being blessed.  I got to the point that whenever something good would happen, I would become skeptical.  For example I became a mother before I went back to school and was broke throughout the duration.  There were times I didn’t have enough gas money to get to school and at the same time, had no one to watch my baby.  So I would have to email all of my professors and sit home with him.  I would wonder during this time how could this be such a good thing if I am having such difficulty?  I did not realize that this time showed me how I had to push through obstacles and keep going.  Those obstacles taught me how to be persistent and not take no for an answer.  What I have also realized is that obstacles true size are magnified when you are going through it.  But when you look back, you realize that it was actually sort of a breeze.  I have also learned that obstacles can be my frenemy and that although they usually hurt, my greatest lessons usually come out of it.

Don’t let obstacles get in the way of your dreams because they are inevitable.  Fight the good fight with prayer and persistence.

How do you handle yours?


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