Hello Monday: Putting Your Best Heels Forward

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Oprah does it.

First Lady Michelle Obama does it.

Baddie Beyoncé does it.

Arianna Huffington does it.

And so do you!

What these women (and you) have in common is the ability to do your best. The ability to go day-to-day with the best of intentions, but finding out sometimes it doesn’t work out like that.

But then wake up the next day to try again.

Now the women that I listed above are the best in their fields, respectively. They hustled hard and didn’t rely on just their looks to get to where they are. Not even Beyoncé lol. Homegirl been practicing and perfecting her craft since she was a wee Beyoncé.

These women are the epitome of putting their best heels forward. And so are you. While you may not be on these women’s status, you handle your business on a slightly smaller scale. I can remember when I was pregnant, in a bad relationship and still living at home with my dad. Although I aspired to do better, I just didn’t know how. However, I would dream of doing better. After I had my son, I began working a part-time retail job (during the great recession) so you know them hours were short. I would stare out of the big ass glass window and wonder if this was it. I would wonder if this is what I was confined to, knowing I have bigger dreams? I wasn’t really sure of what those dreams were exactly, but I knew it was something. So, I made one small decision to go back to school. The rest is history, I guess.

The thing is that in the difficult times I still managed to get up and put my best foot *ahem* heels forward. Now my best was probably not viewed as my best especially by my employers. But damnit it was my best lol. A lot of times we tend to look down on other people/women because we would never do what they are doing–clutches pearls. We feel like people should know better and live according to our standards. Not realizing that maybe, just maybe they are doing their best.

I was once giving this strange advice and puh-lease don’t be offended!  Whatever you do be the best at it. Whether it’s a doctor, a lawyer or a whore (lol), be the best one you can be. Now I’m sure said person meant the last one figuratively, BUT the message lies in there. Be your best, do your best ass and nobody can ever take that away from you. People will try to diminish everything you do, but they cannot take away the fact that you are a woman who put her best heels forward.

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