Be Who You Are

Be Who You Are

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imagesCAITJHVOOne of my favorite past times when I am driving is to try and figure out what personalized license plates say.  (I know boring!)  Some of them are easy to figure out, some  p!ss me off because they are rather difficult to decipher.  One car in particular was one that I would see often, and for the life of me, I just could not figure it out.  It said something like this BWHOUR, but it read to me like     !wtf?.

I would continuously see this car and the plate.

Then after seeing the car, for probably the last time it clicked.  It said BE WHO YOU ARE! Well, duh!  I often wondered what made her have that plate on her car.  People usually get personalized plates to express what is going on in their lives at that moment.  She was a pretty girl, did she get teased or something when she was little? Hmm.

Well I didn’t ask, but the message was very clear.  That message is to embrace the true you at your core.  To not be concerned about what makes you different because that is what makes you unique.  To not fit it with the millions of people who fear stepping out and having their own identity for fear of ridicule.  To do as you please in a manner that is most authentic to you and not what others expect.


So who are you?  Do you know what qualities and or characteristics make you different?  Do you still shun the idea that you don’t look a certain way and would like to change that?  When you began to truly love everything about you is when life becomes what you want it to be.

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