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Motivational Monday-A Simple Remedy For Burnout Blues

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110_F_49756124_KULkQvr0WlmTfxyNnBp7oSEBvlJ4UA8fHave you ever experienced burnout?  I mean the burnout that leaves you not only physically exhausted, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually tired.  Your brain has shut down and all it wants is peace and quiet.  No thinking, nothing important, just relaxation.  Hell, you don’t even want to read the street signs or your TV menu guide thingy!

I think at some point, you will experience burnout.  If you don’t experience burnout at some point in your life, you need to reevaluate your life.  If you don’t experience burnout, it most likely means that you are, dare I say it, lazy.  However, we must not get burnout confused with a successful, productive, healthy life.  Many times when you experience burnout it could be because you have too many things on your plate and you need to shake off some of that excess weight.  Just because you are tired, it does not mean you have been productive.

The Remedy:

What I find useful for me when I am feeling burned out is to do nothing.  I mean to absolutely do nothing.  I mean sit on my sofa and stare out my window, nothing.  Also, I find that it is best to try and identify the source of my fatigue and eliminate it from my life for some time.  Whether it be a day or week, just to regroup and get my rest to refocus.  I am currently starting a business right now and I love it and each week for one day, I grow tired of it.  What is funny is that I am totally committed to it, but just like a relationship, I need my space from it.

How do you handle burnout?

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  • Ty

    Doing nada works wonders. God speaks, you get to observe the rest of the world and we aren’t robots so we could use a break sometimes.

    • Yes girl if I get tired, I shuts it down. But I think that only happens if I am really tired. IDK. We shall see

  • I wish you much success on your venture. Burn out!?… It comes with the territory. I can definitely relate. Two days ago I was working on a project. Being so involved in the work, the code so intense, that one of my eyes crossed. I couldn’t see. Everything was blurry. Do you think I stopped? Nope… I shut down two monitors, pulled one real close, closed one eye and continued to work for another two hours. Ridiculous… It is not the first time this has happened. Normally one eye will just go dark. Generally it is like a black current that start to gradually close out of the corner of my left eye. Pretty scary. When that starts to happens I’ll take a 30 min. break.

    • LOL over here…Ima come take you to the hospital j/k..But yes, the grind is serious, but like you say and apparently do, you just have to keep pushing. Thanks for the motivation.

  • Thanks for reminding me!!!! I like it!!

    • Thanks for response! BTW I love your site’s background design with the books…it looks very clean.

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