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Hello Monday: Know Yourself, Know Your Worth

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How many times have we looked back on a past relationship or a past encounter and wondered “WTF was I thinking? Was I thinking? How could I ever let somebody treat me like that?” Sometimes I look back and quite honestly, utterly disgusted by what I have allowed in the past. Like bish really lol? I have grown to know that it is imperative to know from the jump what is (and what ain’t) acceptable in your life. When you don’t know what’s acceptable or what’s not acceptable, you open yourself up to any kind of treatment from others. For your pride, sanity and dignity do not, I repeat DO NOT be flexible in the treatment you accept from others. Establish ish at the gate.

Luckily for like 60 percent of the world, knowing your worth has nothing to do with aesthetics lol. I know some confident “unattractive” women and not so confident “attractive” women. Knowing your worth is not in how many bundles of hair you got or how much your shoes/wardrobe costs. It’s the level of respect that you command from others. It’s the knowing that you actually bring something to the table and if the other person doesn’t appreciate it, you know how to step onto the land of appreciation, elsewhere. Plainly put, knowing your worth means there is some things you will put up with and some that you won’t.

A woman that knows her worth is unstoppable. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have flaws, or eff up from time to time. It just means that when she does, she chooses to learn what she can and be proactive in not letting it happen again. People lose respect for people that allow any kind of treatment and I have been on both ends lol. I have been the chick that wanted the admiration from the object of my affection. Now I’m like “Ewww” lol. If only I had that confidence beforehand. But anyhoo, let’s begin to see ourselves the way we see others. We give others much props but fail to give ourselves credit for who we are and what we bring to the table.


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