Don't Stray-Sunday Morning Inspiration

Don’t Stray-Sunday Morning Inspiration

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Sometimes in life we get busy.

Us women have kids, husbands, other family, work, school, businesses, and social lives.

It is only natural that at some point in time we will get busy.

But just how busy are you?

If you will look at your time spent in the day, what will it look like?

Will the first 30 minutes of your day look like Facebook? Then, 20 minutes to Madamenoire? Finally, another 10 minutes to Essence mag?

That is 1 hour.

I find that in my life, there are many times in which I am really busy.

So busy that I don’t have time to eat.  And for the people that KNOW me, they know I love to eat.  However, for every busy day, there is a day(s) in which poor time management is the culprit.  I can have a ton of work to do, but would decide to first check my Facebook, flex on instagram, or endlessly read other blog sites.

In the discussion of poor time management.  If you look at it, there are 24 hours in a day.  Each person that lives on this earth, gets the same amount of hours in a day.  Successful people-people that follow their dreams-get the same amount of time as people who don’t follow their dreams-unsuccessful people.   So what should we do in those hours?  Be the best person you can be.

An unfortunate (and fortunate) result of my poor time management, which is masked as Busy-ness, is that I drift away from God.  I say it is unfortunate and fortunate because I stray, but when I am drawn back (He has a funny way of drawing you back) I am closer to Him.

I know that I am my best when I am closest to God–praying daily, reading my bible, tithing etc.  But then there are those times when I began to stray.  I put off reading my bible, tithing, going to church, ya’ll I even put off praying because I have other things to do!  I find that this happens also at a time when things are going well.  You best believe when things are crumbling that I am praying, getting the elders to pray for me, doing altar calls, giving offerings, paying into the building fund etc.

When I begin to stray, I begin to experience many unpleasant feelings….bloating, cramping, headaches, just kidding however, I do begin to experience bad feelings to my spirit.  As women, it is important to stay close to God because we hold very important roles in the world.  He has allowed us to be the gatekeepers of life, we pass on bloodlines, we teach our children life lessons.  It is very important to stay connected to Him and grounded because life-yes life-depends on our overall wellbeing.

When we stray, it happens so gradually that we do not even notice it nor do we do it intentionally.  It is just apart of human nature.  When we are in need, you best believe WE ARE IN NEED.  Then, when that need is fulfilled we go on to enjoy that fulfilled need and it’s benefits.  Just think about you having a sweet tooth and you need a piece of cake to satisfy it.  You will seek that piece of cake and eat it until you are full of it.  Once you are full of it, you no longer want to even look at it.  Not to compare your relationship to God to a craving for a piece of cake, but if you look at the behaviors you can see the similarity.

It is a struggle to keep close fellowship with God because we have to consistently seek Him and because we have so many things vying for our attention that seemingly appears more interesting, exciting, and important.  I have learned too that no one is immune to, as they say in church, “Backslidding.”  No matter how often you go to church, tithe etc if you don’t keep consistent, you will fall off and can fall off into a previous life that you wished to escape.

How many times a year do you stray from God (lol), and what life circumstance has he allowed to happen that brought you closer to Him?


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My name is Robinette and I love cupcakes, cakes, and donuts! I am a follower of Christ, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I believe my life’s purpose is to empower women by inspiring them to rise to optimal living, hence the blog. I believe that I am already a success because I am following my dreams and on track to my life’s purpose and what to see other women do the same. I will share my life’s lessons and the wisdom I have gained from it using my signature humor…Ok I’m not that funny.


  • This post really hit home. It really confirms some things I have been feeling lately about my time management and my tendency to forget God when things are going good or when I get too “busy”.

    • robinlove08

      Girl who you telling! I am experiencing that right now, hence the reason I am able to write so well about it lol. I got a million things going on but there are 24 hours in the day, ya know? “Logs off Facebook!” lol

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