Do you "Go Get It?" 5 Traits of a Go Getter

Do you “Go Get It?” 5 Traits of a Go Getter

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If you were to take inventory of how you spend your time, what things would you uncover?

Would a great portion of your time be allocated to catching up with latest shenanigans of Stevie J on Love and Hip Hop?  Would it be running it on the phone endlessly with your friends about these “thirsty hoes  dudes and women” on Instagram?  Would it be spending more than enough time on a million different blog sites with no constructive goals in mind–self improvement, learning something new, a good laugh?  Or even worse, is it spent daydreaming about what it is you want to do and not taking any action? —->I am guilty of all of these!

We all have had too many occurrences in which we habitually spend our precious time frivolously.  I for one can personally attest.  I have had many times in which I would get excited about a new business venture etc only to be forced to measure my true level of excitement when my favorite show came on. Fail.

I would wonder why is it that I could claim to want something so bad, only to let my laziness override that desire.  Although I am still very young, I look back and say to myself “damn, I could have really popped (insert business venture here) that off by now.  But as we know it is not wise to continue to look back on the shoulda, coulda, woulda and more constructive to look at the what you have now and how you can make that work.

I lived in Atlanta, and I seen how some people just had hustle in them.  And they were not contained to just one business venture.  They had a lot of them.  One guy I used to hang around wanted to be an AR Music Executive.  He would make food plates and go to all the music studios to sell them.  He made money and connections.  Last I checked he was an AR executive in New York.  If you hang around people like this–which you should–you would notice these characteristics:

5.  Early risers-She is the person that gets the hell up in the morning, although she doesn’t want to.  She goes to sleep with her dream on her mind but also wakes up with it there.  She understands the principle of the early bird catches the worm and makes sure that she is that bird-respectfully.  She understand the concept of missed opportunities and want to make sure that they are able to seize upon as many opportunities as possible.  T. D. Jakes once said that his early morning services had the most successful people–>the Doctors, Lawyers, Business Owners, Teachers.  Wake up!

4.  Procrastination- (rather lack thereof)- Behold! The big fancy word for laziness.  This is probably the worst offense to man kind after Milli Vanilli.  Putting things off.  Putting important things off and doing the easy stuff first.   The term later was probably invented by a procrastinator.  Many of us suffer from this. “I will do it later,” “I don’t have the time to do it right now.”  This flawed characteristic is the culprit of many dreams going to the graveyard and many ideas never coming into fruition.  A Go Getter gets things done yesterday.  And its not to say that she never takes a break and is always on the run, she just knows that is the enemy to success.

3. Goal Setter-A Go Getter makes goals and sets out to accomplish them.  She does not simply write the goals down and tosses them in her bible.  She knows that she must pray AND she must put in work as well because faith without works is dead…she also knows that to whom much is given, much is required.  She understands that working hard does not equate to working smart, so she makes SMART goals.  Don’t know what SMART goals are or how to make them? Check out the link below

2.  Confidence- A go getter is one that is confident within herself and her abilities.  She keeps pushing on despite naysayers and dream-killers.  She realizes her talents and gifts and uses them to better the world for herself and others.  She can decipher between constructive criticism and hate and deals with it each  accordingly.

1.  Consistent- A true go getter is consistent.  She works towards her dreams everyday.  She does not let up when the tough gets going or the going gets tough.

But this trait is most important, yea its more than five but oh well:

Courageous-A go getter is courageous.  She feels fear just like any other human being, but she does not let that dictate her actions or hinder her from achieving more.  She has learned to discern, by trial and error, a valid fear or her own thoughts trying to hold her back from something great.  She knows that she cannot give into fear or she will be forced to live a life of complacency.  She feels fear and does it anyway.

Your dreams will not fall in your lap.  You have to go get it.  In my Pam voice: Peace!!!








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