4 Ways To Channel Your Inner Beyoncé, Bitch

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I love me some Baddie Badeus Bey. She is like the epitome of bossing ish. Men and women bow down. Ok, hold on as I jump off of her proverbial jock.

Now, I am sure that like all women, Beyoncé has her insecurities. But since she is always “on” damnit you won’t ever see that ish. All we see are the performances, the appearances, the poise and straight up confidence. We see a woman who is truly living her passion and works harder than anyone else in the biz. She truly deserves her props.  What makes her great is her ability to be consistent. To keep pressing forth despite the rumors, the naysayers and the crappy days I am sure she has. The average person has a setback and are like, “I quit.” “Eff it, eff the world, the world is not going to miss my talent.” Not to Beyoncé. She has the utmost confidence that the world would truly be missing out on great works and that her voice must be heard.

But you know what makes her greater?

What makes Beyoncé greater is the attitude. It’s like how dare this bitch? How dare she dream so big? The audacity of her to want to accomplish great things. The audacity for her to want to surround herself with the finest things in life…and here I was content with my crumbs. Who does this chick think she is?

A rarity…..


Yes, hater, she is a unicorn. Not because she is God or anything but because she has been able to do what most of us choose not to.  She choose to follow her dreams and dare you to stop her. Most of us are watching as she is in the spotlight. Not for the sake of just being in the spotlight, but because that is her passion. Entertaining our lazy, aspirational asses is what gives her life! She lives and breathes it. I can sleep for 9 hours and still not want to bring my butt in to work! Beyoncé is quoted to once saying that she didn’t eat for days because she was rehearsing and she simply forgot! I can’t even let a snicker break pass before I feel my world crumbling.

Ok, Robinette, so how do I become Beyoncé and get a man with money like Jay-Z and jet set around the world…..

*Face Palms*

I said “channel” bitch not steal her life lol.

First things first: Confidence. I don’t care if you have a lil tootie booty and have to pose in different angles to make it look like you got one, own it. It’s yours. Your edges gone? Shift the focus to your cute toes.  And remember, confidence is not I hope they like me, but I don’t give a f*** if they like me.

Secondly: Go after what is yours. Chase those dreams. Work hard and grind till you own it. It is yours for the taking. The only person that is holding you back is the person that has always been holding you back. Which is you. Conquer yourself and slay those dreams.

Thirdly: Change your attitude. We try to change but we keep the same damn attitude about things.  “Well I want to accomplish XYZ, but I don’t think I deserve it, so why try?”  Feelings of inferiority, worthlessness, undeserving will keep you way from the top and experiencing everyday which turns into every year that seems like the scene from the Groundhog Day movie. You will get the same shit. Elevate yourself.

Fourth and finally. I love the number four and so does that Beyoncé. What do you want to be appreciated for? Any woman can get attention. Throw on your favorite body con, walk out the house, tada! Some disgusting ass cat calls. But how many women you know can get the appreciation of important people? Not many. And don’t say that because Beyoncé is a singer and light skinned that her talent is more important lol. It is not. You have within you the capacity to save 100 kids from poverty. How is that not as important?

We should be seeking to do those things that will bring us appreciation. Whether it is expressing yourself in the arts, sciences, speaking etc whatever it is, you have it in you.

Now go get it out, MUAH!

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  • Yes, Bey is the epitome of self-esteem and confidence. And, she don’t give a damn about the opinions of others. She probably has her challenges in various areas of life BUT, she keeps that behind closed doors!

    She is a bad chick indeed.


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