As a Woman Thinketh

As a woman thinkethWhat do you think about yourself? No, what do you REALLY think about yourself? Do you see yourself as more than a conqueror or someone that can be conquered? Do you look at yourself as being beyond beautiful or beat down? Do you see yourself as ABLE or barely able to make it? I ask these questions because what you think is important. So often, we run through life with our minds on autopilot never questioning the direction in which we are going. Then we wonder why we are getting the same ish in life. We all on a surface level want the best things in life and would like to experience the splendors. However, it is our deeply rooted thoughts that get in the way of what we truly desire and seeing those good things manifest. For example, I would say that I wanted a loving relationship with a loving man, yet I would only entertain men who were emotionally unavailable. This was because although I said I wanted that loving relationship, I feared rejection. That belief that I would be rejected stemmed from low self-esteem. So guess what would happen? I would deal with these guys and I would be rejected. They reaffirmed my hidden beliefs about myself. Once I figured that out, you couldn't tell me nothing! This can also manifest in different situations. Many people have a very strained relationship with money and have a deep seated idea that desiring an extra $50 dollars in their pocket is a bad thing. Those people wonder why they are always broke. In order to change the direction of your life you have to change your deep rooted thoughts. You have to see yourself as better, doing better and accomplishing more. There is so much in this world to see. Be good to yourself. Muah!

Chic Lounge: How to Seize Opportunities in Life

Blog Pic 22615 "Knock, Knock" "Who is it?" "Opportunity" "Opportunity? Um, sorry no one is home." Ok, so not exactly in those words. The excuse can come in the form of "I'm not ready," or "Lemme think long and hard about it," or even " God has to shine down His light 4 times on this penny I have strategically placed on the ground before I leap." I, like many others, have had many opportunities slip through my hands with this mindset. Often times we are so used to saying "no" or believing that good things simply don't happen to us. So when something shows up, we are automatically skeptical. And rightfully so. I believe that we should look before we leap. But if only we understood that at their worst, opportunities are a breeding ground for a valuable lesson. Even if it doesn't work out the way we planned. So how do we seize the moment? We can do it by first changing our vocabulary. Incorporating the word "yes" is a start. Now please don't confuse this with agreeing to every offer you get, that is how burnout occurs. And it is wise to take a couple days if needed on a decision, but make sure you make one. If the opportunity aligns with your goals and will push you further in life, go for it. If it is an opportunity for a new (positive) experience then leap! Life is not that complicated. Another way to seize opportunities is to connect with people higher up than you. The best opportunities often don't come from people on the same level as you. Sorry to my homies lol One important thing to remember is that there are no missed opportunities. To the untrained eye, an opportunity can look like a problem, issue or hindrance. But once you train our eye and listen to your spirit, you will become more privy to the goodness that awaits you. Muah!

Positive Affirmations: I Am Love

Positive Affirmations: I am love Positive Affirmations: I Am Love. So often we look to others and external things as the love we want. We are taught that once we acquire those things, such as the spouse, the job or the material things is when we will be loved. We never really look to ourselves as already having love and being love. We dismiss ourselves and the value and influence that we have over our own lives and look for the validation from elsewhere. I can remember a time in my life where I would always seek love and approval from others. To be in this mindset means that you accept a lot of crap you shouldn't. I was trying to fill a void and wanted someone else to fill it never knowing that I already had everything I needed to go forth in life. To look inside yourself and have the realization that you have everything you need takes courage. Once you realize the love you already have, I believe the things you seek will begin to seek you. Muah!

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