Positive Affirmations: I Am Bold

I am bold I am bold. Do you really believe that? Can you look at yourself in the mirror and say anything I want to be and accomplish, I can. To say that I am bold, takes well, boldness. You have to go against your insecurities and what others may say about you. Plainly put, you must have a strong sense of self.  Boldness is something that everyone has but is seldom used. Throughout life many are torn down so much so that they don't believe that they can accomplish anything worthwhile.  So to step out and really have that boldness takes a lot of effort. You will be going against the grain of what is the norm and stepping out into the unknown. Be bold enough to do so. You owe it to your present and future self. Muah!

Leave The Same-ass-ness: Lead The Individual Life

Being an individualSo many clones in the world. Everybody is doing the same thing. "Who me? Girl, I'm different." Oh really? We dress alike. We wear the same Malaysian hair bundles. We wear our makeup the same #Beat. We don the same bodycon dress from our fav IG "boutique." We talk the same, we walk the same and fail to realize that this mindset keeps us all on the same level. Many women are afraid to truly be themselves for fear of judgment, ridicule or damn near persecution lol. All in the name of being true to others yet we neglect our truth. Growing up, and even as an adult, I could never understand why people couldn't let other people just be. Why must we place them in our little box, just because we were afraid to step out? Why confine others to a life of same-ass-ness just because we sentenced ourselves to it? We are much bigger and much better than to be boxed in. "Why she got that on? She did not need to wear that." "Who told her that was cute?" "Girl, she wrong for that." It really takes strength to be an individual in a world full of followers. Many women subscribe to the same ideal beauty standard that is pushed in the media. If they deviate from the norm then that means they are not as "desirable." They subscribe to this beauty standard, even if they know deep down that look is not for them. So how does one begin to lead the individual life? It takes confidence and self acceptance. You must be confident in yourself and know that you are uniquely made. Self acceptance is the acknowledgment that you are different and that is great! The person who lives as an individual and not a cloned copy embodies the boldness that confidence and self acceptance brings. Others opinions or thoughts on them don't matter. That is freedom. To roam this life and not give a f*** what others think. Muah!

Positive Affirmations: I Am A Powerful Woman

  I am a powerful woman I am a powerful woman. Do you believe that you are a powerful woman? I mean like when the world crashes down on you, would you be able to emerge unscathed out of the ashes? Or would you perish in the fire? I don't mean literally perish lol, but would you give up on yourself when times get difficult? I hope not. Why would you when you are a powerful woman? Women really run the world. And I don't mean this from a fire-breathing feminist point of view, but look at all we are responsible for and don't get the credit? We are likely caretakers of children and parents in old age. We are likely in charge of household duties *sighs* and cooking etc. Women in the past were rulers of dynasties and now we can barely break the equal pay ceiling between the sexes. Somewhere along the way, women were taught that we are a weaker sex and that our duties aren't as important. Society has bought into that idea and many women, although we have made great strides, just take what is given to us. No questions asked. Women are so powerful! Too bad many women don't realize it. I have seen women stand at the edge of the table to pick up crumbs when they really could have copped a seat and had a whole meal. We settle and have forgotten the power we have. And no I am not talking about the power of the p****. I am talking about the power that fuels your entire being. It's the knowing. The knowing that you can accomplish anything you want and that you can be the best you. The knowing that no matter what happens to you, you can overcome it. The knowing that whatever room you walk into, you are the baddest they ever saw. But this is an idea that eludes many women. We have bought into the belief that we aren't powerful because we aren't an older white male with long money. The knowing that you are powerful is what will get you to the places you need to be. Trust that Baddy Bey inside of you. Be good to yourself. Muah!  

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