Motivational Monday

Vintage 70s fashion afro woman. White shirt and jeans against brown background.   Whew, I took a nice hiatus from blogging.  I needed to work on my business plan and get back into the groove of grad school and to just BREATHE.  But now, I am back and rejuvenated (Applause). Lately, I have been all about self discovery and pretty much figuring out all the things that are wrong with me (lol) and this one word was placed on my heart.  That word  is Commitment.  Commitment?  Why Commitment? Well in examining my life I soon realized why that word was placed on my heart.  I realized that I never really committed to anything in life!  I have never really committed to a relationship, a job, school, my plans, my health and fitness etc.  I could barely commit to plans with friends later in the week without feeling my sense of freedom slipping away.  I realized that I am a commitment phobe. Now don't get me wrong I have committed to jobs, school and the like but I now know that I did not put my all into it.  I figured that I would do just enough to get by.  And that is just what I did.  That mindset of not giving my all is what has kept me living in mediocrity.  I can now see that if I started putting my all into all that I do I will see extraordinary results.  I will bet my funds that most people live like this.  Why?  It is easy to half-step and do just enough to get by.  No one really wants to go that extra mile to achieve those extraordinary results in their lives.  You do what you are supposed to do and then you go home.  You don't stand out, people don't remember you, your name, nor your work.  Is this how you want to live or do you want to achieve bigger goals in life?  Do you have a hard time committing to things because you feel a sense of freedom being stripped away?  It is time to get serious about the things you want to accomplish in life.  If you have commitment, it will take care of your discipline, motivation, and persistence.  Begin today to commit to the things you want in life.

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