A New Day

Today is a new day. To live and breathe. To dance and love. To live and be. To let go and release. To go on and prosper. To try again and learn. To be the best you possible. To be better than yesterday. To not look back and wonder. To look forward and wander.

Dear Self: It Is Time To Let Her Go

Decisions So many times we hear of how we have to let people go in our lives that no longer serve us any purpose, blah blah. We are constantly being told to let go of things outside of us that are absolutely destroying us on the inside (gets very dramatic).  Things such as relationships, baggage, excess weight etc. But what about the time when the things we must let go of is ourselves? You know our old way of doing things and wanting different results kind of idea. I think in the bible it is described as putting new wine into old wines too lazy to look it up, but you get my drift. You can't go into a new level of anything taking old ideas, thoughts and mindsets with you. Especially if that ish has not benefitted you in the past in any way shape or form. So many times we are comfortable. We say that we want change, but change is very uncomfortable so we retreat back to our old ways of doing and thinking. It takes strength to change. We don't want to let go of the things we have learned with her. She is our ride or die. She is us. But sometimes you have to leave things behind. Even if it is those things within you that no longer serve you. Let her go. Let go of her old beliefs and self-destructive thoughts. She still thinks that You are inadequate, not pretty and incapable of doing things. She still has issues of abandonment, feelings of rejection and a can't do attitude. You see how silly this is? Those beliefs may have served you and kept you in a state of fear of what could go wrong. They never were and never will be good for you.  Let her go and be on the lookout for her new replacement. A better you.

The Time Is Now: Getting Your House In Order

Beautiful african american female fashion model So, 2015 has been up and kicking for the past 3 month and most people are treating it like the zillion years before. Doing the same ish....getting the same results. Its during this time that we realize that so many New Year New Me Resolutions have been thrown out of the window. Actually, most of them were donezo by January's end. People usually start out with the best of intentions but life, laziness and comfort keeps them the same. I am so guilty of this. My Resolutions would usually consist of
  1. Getting in the best shape possible/my body gotta be tight and right, aight!?
  2. Strengthening my spiritual life (Jesus fix it now)
  3. Getting my finances in order  (Stay out of Vicki Secret pls)
  4. Improving on my relationships....(Patience my dear)
  5. and learning something new
These are all noble resolutions and basically, I, like many others, want to get my house in order. I don't mean physical house. The house I mean is the things that make you, well you. Your spirituality, your mental and emotional health, your physical health, your relationships, your you manage these things are a reflection of how you operate on the inside (and what you truly believe about yourself.) Usually what happens is people can excel in one, two or three areas and neglect the others.  They are all equally important. For example, a woman can have a spiritual life that makes Jesus smile, yet be totally neglecting of her physical health. Or the other woman can have a banging body yet be so messed up on the inside that it turns others away. To be in harmony means that all of these things should be somewhat balanced. Yes, you may devote a little more time to one area, so long as you don't completely abandon the others. And also, it is not about being Ms. Perfect. It's about living your best life possible. When these things are aligned, you can conquer your world. Muah!

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