Saturday Inspiration: A Little Reinvention

Saturday Inspiration Time, for some people, has a way of correcting itself and redeeming those who work hard for lost time. People who don't give up on life, often emerge into a better version of themselves. There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself. In fact, to progress in life requires you to change and grow into a better understanding of your different circumstances. The only person that you should ever compete with is who you were yesterday. Many times when life knocks people down, they don't get back up. They stay on their knees and crawl through the rest of their lives. Then there are the people who are knocked down but say "I am going to give life another try." To reinvent yourself starts in changing your mindset. You all know that I am a huge proponent of positive affirmations. Simply saying "I am (positive word or sentence) changes the direction of your life for the better. It helps to practice this daily or a couple times out of the week if you can. There are many other spiritual practices that you can do to help with the changing of your mindset such as prayer (and bible reading if that's what you do), meditations, gratitude, and visualization. As within, so without. Taking care of your body is an absolute must. This is the only body you are given, so you must take great care of it. You can accomplish this by drinking plenty of water, eating healthy foods and working out. Muah!

Change–The Constant in Life

Blog pic 4Which is the best decision for me to make? Should I go this way or that way? One thing I have learned is that life has a funny way of unfolding and in a way forcing you to make decisions. You can't stay stagnant because life is constantly moving within and around us. Nothing stays the same. The beauty about change is it is how things grow. Change makes way for the new by fleshing out the old, so we can experience the new. To successfully navigate this life we must adopt the attitude of acceptance and understanding of change. Accepting that change can, does and will happen. We must understand that growth and progress comes not by holding on to the old but with accepting change. Let us learn to live so much in the present moment that when a change comes we can adjust and not get stuck on how things used to be.
Love Thyself

Saturday Inspiration

Vintage 70s fashion afro woman. White shirt and jeans against brown background. I am learning how not to judge things, such as feelings and/or emotions as good of bad.  In life, we equate bad feelings such as misery or helplessness as bad feelings.  It is good and completely normal to feel these feelings.  However to get out of the rut, at some point you have to look at what you are experiencing.  You can look at your circumstances by separating yourself from the issues you are having.  This gives you an objective standpoint.  It is kind of like when you hear the negative tapes playing in your mind talking about how f'd up life is, another voice will question that negative voice and listen then tells negative voice to shut up lol.  It's also kind of like a neutral force that leans more towards the positive side.  (Side note: I wonder how many people live inside my damn head?)  Anyhoo, sometimes misery is sent to shake things up in your life and make the changes you haven't made under other circumstances.  Many times bad times come to strengthen and propel you to the next stage in life.  Until next time, MUAH! Live the life you have.  Embrace the life you want.

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