Sometimes You Just Have to Start Small

Small Changes Going after your dreams is very intimidating. And our minds are great at giving us a million reasons why we can't accomplish a dream. We look at our dreams and almost laugh because they are so big. We have no idea how we will accomplish them because from where we are now, it is seemingly impossible. Well that is a great fear to have because your dreams should be big enough to scare you. What usually happens is that we will have this big dream and then fail to take action. This is because we literally have to start from the bottom. And in this day of instant gratification, people want to be at the top of their game without putting in the work. We think "this is not going to happen" or a common one "where do I even start?" That last idea is a silent killer. Many people have forsaken their dreams because they don't know where to start. So they just take no action. My theory is to simply start small. If you want to start a business, write a book, get into shape then start small. Make a small change everyday  and watch your life change. We should never despise the days of humble beginnings. Remember that everyone who is now in the top 10% of an industry were once in the bottom 10%. Muah!

Positive Affirmations: I Am Abundant

I am abundant I am abundant. Abundance by definition means a very large quantity of something. I like to take it a step further by suggesting that abundance means a continuous supply of those things that contribute to a healthy well-being. The major areas of life where one seeks abundance typically are mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and relationship wise. Unfortunately, so many people have a problem with this mindset. Some people, deep down, feel undeserving of having their needs and wants in life met. Others are stuck in a mindset that there is a lack of resources in the world. These people believe that if they are abundant in their lives then they will take from others. We are taught not to be selfish, right? But a true act of love is to take care of oneself and receive all the blessings that are meant to come your way. It is then that you can help others, with your overflow. To truly be abundant means that you live a life that is in harmony and is very near to fulfilling your purpose in life. Muah!  

Look At Your Life And Own It

Attractive woman with artistic make up If I had a penny for every time I thought about living someone else's life I would be rich enough to not worry about that mess anymore. I mean when ish don't work out as planned and things go far left, its really easy to look to the side and say why me? Why don't I have it easy like them? Why didn't she have to go through what I had to go through and be blessed more than me? Why this bish hair long? Why is she with my husband Idris Elba?  Why she don't have to work, but get her bills paid?<--lol Why? Why? Why? In my life, I wouldn't say that it absolutely sucked or anything, but that I was simply not happy. Not happy that the image of self that I had in my mind was not what I was seeing transcend into my everyday life. The image (in my mind) of self was more confident, more sure of herself but for some reason it just wouldn't transfer into real life. So when I seen others "winning," I would feel like I lost. I would dig myself deeper by:
  • Focusing on what is wrong in my life
  • Looking at others lives and only seeing what is right.
  • Not seeing the total picture.
  • Thinking that there is a right or wrong path and that maybe I had chosen the wrong one because my life wasn't adding up.
And it is soooo easy to have thoughts like that nowadays. Just look on your Facebook timeline or even worse Instagram. Instagram is only for the strong minded lol. Depending on who you follow, what they post, and how you are feeling at the moment, your life ain't ish lol. My friends and I always joke about that, but it is really no laughing matter. Why are we looking at other people's lives as better or easier than ours? We see the glitz and the glamour and think they must be better than us. We see the cute family the nice car or the nice clothes and think if only I had those things. I would be better. It would mean that I am loved and I am accepted. Not knowing what the person did or had to go through to be where they are. We don't know what their heart is really like but we see the outside and think all must be well. All must be better than our lives. We need to understand that only we make our lives better. We have to remind ourselves that we are playing our cut movie scenes to someone else's highlight reel. Don't get so caught up in what you see! Once I got back to me and the understanding that we all have unique journeys is when life began to change. Yes, some people have it more difficult, but our journey is ours. We have no one to reference it to. We must look at our lives and own it. Because guess what? No one else will live it for you. Healthy minded people are too busy living their own. Muah!    

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