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Your life, on time.

woman standing on beach, watching sunset, holding sun   You must believe that your life is happening on time....On your own time and not other people's time.  We grow, we learn, we develop at different paces...but the moment you are in right now is perfect.  It is unique...Cherish it...You will never get this time and moment again!  xoxo

Its My Birrffday!

 Today I am 25 years old.  It has been a long time coming.  I have many pleasant memories and have learned many tough lessons.  I strive everyday to be better. I am so blessed, even in my tough times.  I am grateful. There were times where I would believe something is too hard, but God is good and He has saved me many days in my times of no... direction.  I have the best life, even though it may seem like I don't have much.  I have the love of my family and love for myself.  Yea, I still struggle with some of the things I struggled with 5 and 10 years ago, but I still try to do better and it doesn't mean I haven't grown.  I realize that I just walk with a limp, BUT I keep walking.  Walking to my destiny.  TBH in my 25 years I have lied to save my ASS, and been lied to, tried to scheme lol to come up, and been schemed against, called a bitch, ho, slut, messed with ppl I shouldn't have, and been cheated on, accepted money from guys I was not interested in, been broke, then broken.  On the flip I have also been called a college graduate, a great daughter, sister, friend, a dear student, budding business owner, blogger, and most importantly, Ma. With all of the things-good and bad- I have done or things done against me, I am proud of my walk because I wouldn't be who I am today.  What makes me grown is not my age but my mindset to love myself, therefore I can truly love others and give back.   Signed, Officially Grown & Sexy!

For The Bloggers

Today I read a good blog post for bloggers that reminded me of my post on yesterday.  It reiterated the notion that we need to not put so much pressure on ourselves to post, post, post and then worry about if anyone reads it and comments.  Before I began blogging I did not realize how much work goes into maintaining a blog site.  You have to be interesting and write quality content.  You get a crash course in marketing on social media.  You spend a little money.  You have deadlines lol.  Your feelings get a little hurt if no one reads it.  But we should celebrate the fact that we did start a blog for the reasons I listed above.  You learn a lot about yourself, and you put yourself out there.  It takes courage to be vulnerable to the world...or the 10 people who visited your site today.  If you feel that you really have something on your heart to say, then say it or in our case, write it.  Write for you and write from your heart.  Don't worry about your stats.  

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Hi! My name is Robinette.

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I am not a role model… just a messenger. Since I can remember, I have been in love with helping myself to do better and helping others.



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