Yes Dear, Women Are Sexual Beings Too

Attractive woman with artistic make up ***I Love discussing Women's Sexuality!*** Since the beginning of time, so much emphasis has been placed on a woman's "purity." Women then and even today are not "supposed" to be outwardly sexual beings, yet oversexed in image in demeanor.  Marriages and unions were formed on the promise that a woman was a virgin and not deflowered.  Women were supposed to remain a virgin until married and if she wasn't, she was shunned, shammed and mocked.  And because of this, unfortunately, women have been taught that their worth is in their vaginas, not in their hearts or personality. Women are a weaker sex.  Or so we have been told and sold. Society has a paternalistic view on life that puts women's feminine qualities lower on the totem pole than a males's masculinity.  We have been taught to look to men as authority figures in our lives because only they can lead us down the right path.  Now please don't get it twisted at all.  I am all for men, and I love them dearly.  If men moved to another planet I would be on the first rocket ship after them lol.  However, the problem arises when we are taught from little girls that men are authority figures and that we must seek their approval.  Don't believe me, look at all of the relationship books that are geared towards women versus the ones that are geared towards men.  Look at the magazine covers on how to catch him and keep him and spice up the bed with these stupid ass tricks.  Women are taught to compete for the affections of men since there are only like 2 men to every 2000000 billion gazillion women.  We are covertly taught that a man's opinion of us matter most.  And it supersedes our own opinion. Often times when a woman decides to "deflower" herself for the umpteenth time, a big part of her experience will be tied into what the man she is seeing will think of her after.  (Unless she is a boss ass chick, but even they have their days, hell.) Why can't she have sex without worrying about whether he will continue to see her or if he will think she is an easy lay? A man is not worried about whether you will see him as slutty because it is not a term applied to him. But a woman, who is just as sexual as a man and surprise, enjoys it just as much, has to be more calculating. Not just because of the fact that she can get pregnant--a man gets her pregnant, or sadly that she can contract an std--who gives it to her? But because she feels she has to protect her reputation (and heart) because she is taught for sooo long that there lies her worth. So if a man does decide to up and leave soon after, she is devastated. Devastated because he seen her "worth" down there and did not appreciate it. Completely forgetting that she is much more than that. I learned the ins and outs of sex the hard way--Major puns intended.  From a young girl I was taught to hold on to my virginity, but was never given a good reason why.  Well none that outweighed my budding hormones. But it was drilled into my head that if a man got it, than that was it. I wasn't taught that my vagina would still be there even if he left so I had bests get it together.  I wasn't taught that I would still be a wonderful woman even if he only seen me as his play thing, ouch! I wasn't taught that I can still be whole even after they took a piece from me.  And don't let nobody find out, lawd hammercy! I can't count the number of times I got called a hoe lol.  I mean my vagina was so far removed from their penises and vaginas but I was still a hoe because of one guy I DECIDED TO BE WITH. And women can be some of the worst offenders of shame.  I am soooo guilty of this myself. Me and my other friends would sit around and talk about another fellow woman's activities. Because we had internalized what a woman does and doesn't do. But it is a different deal behind closed doors.  Women are praised for being sexy in the media and everywhere you turn, then shamed for it.  Where is all the hate coming from for women.  We are the gatekeepers of life and raise the next generations.  We unashamedly share compassion to others and keep the peace.  Is there a conspiracy to keep women down because maybe, just maybe we are actually really, very powerful? Just my two cents. BTW I believe in choices.  I choose to be celibate--or at least try! Thank you.    

Ladies, How Well Do You Know What Comes Out Your Kitty? According to Experts, Not Much

Resized 2_5_14 blog pic   Does having sex more than once a day increase chances of conception? Will specific sexual positions or elevating the pelvis after intercourse make you more likely to become pregnant? Does intercourse need to occur before or after ovulation to optimize conception? These are all questions that women were asked that an overwhelming amount answered incorrectly.  How could women, with the greatest responsibility on the planet, the gatekeepers of life be so uniformed, uneducated about their reproductive health.  According to the article on the site Hello Beautiful, many women don't know much about child-birth and other things, except of course the basics. "A new study from the Yale School of Medicine showed that most women of childbearing age know very little about reproductive health, and 50 percent of women have never even raised questions about the subject with a medical professional. Although nearly half of women admitted to having concerns over their fertility, they were unaware of the negative effects of aging, stds and bad health habits, and they were also uneducated on the benefits of good nutrition and multivitamins."   The article also goes on to say that the reason that women may know so little is because they are not taught at an early age about their reproductive health and that there is also a discrepancy between the sex education curriculum and the new research now available about women’s health." How could we not know much about what goes in and comes out our bodies.  We are responsible for birthing the next generation.  Of course so much little importance is put on our jobs as women but look at how important it really is .  Simply put, if it weren't for our reproductive systems and its health, none of our asses would be here.  We need to continue to learn about what makes our bodies work and function.  We need to understand our biological workings and know the intricacies of its delicateness.  Shame that we women know not that much more than men on what comes out of our bodies.  How many times has a man tried to tell you what can and can't happen if you let him hit it raw? LOL Oh gosh, I believe that this is the case of three different problems, the first being lack of education: In school we are taught to add, subtract, read, but not to know what goes on in our bodies.  We are not taught how our reproductive systems work...and most importantly that you don't pee pee out of your vagina.  We are taught that using the word penis, insert, vagina, sex makes people uncomfortable. So we are taught other words like coochie, my mom says "cat" and I hate that lmao.  Any time a young girl begins to question her sexual health she is shunned and told to stop being "hot" or she is being "fast."  So, we are taught not to ask because if it were something important, like politics, religion, latest gossip, we should be free to talk about it right? And that is when the inner freaks begin to shine.  Why? Because we were taught we can't talk about certain things in public. The second reason I believe is because of the inefficiencies in the health care system.  This is also where my degrees would come into play...too bad I barely paid attention in class. The health care providers, who we have to wait for 20 hours to see, to have the express 5 minute pap smear.  There is no time to speak with them to ask our most pressing questions.  But, they are overworked and there is money to be made by the number of patients that are seen.  SO why waste time on educating them about their bodies so they could continue to get better? So it is not entirely women's faults, however: We are responsible for the knowledge we obtain. Many times we don't begin to question those things until after we have become sexually active.  We just know that are bodies have changed and that we are feeling some type of way, thus we act on it...We act on it, not really knowing.  Not really knowing that contraception, abortion, pregnancy, birth, stds are all interconnected. It deals with our reproductive health.  How important is this function.  How important is it to know about these things?  Let me tell you, fashion, makeup or shoes none of that would be important if there is no one to rock it. Once we get to a certain age it is time to educate ourselves.  We study everything else, science, math, engineering but we fail ourselves when it comes to our most important being which is our being, our body.  If our body is not together, we can't take care of anyone else.  It is time to learn our inner workings.  Get acquainted with your yourself and love your body.

Stay sexy, healthy, and inspired

References and some info: While 40 percent of women were worried about their ability to conceive, over a quarter of women were unaware that things like smoking, ovulation, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), irregular menstrual cycles or obesity could impact their fertility. “The most depressing, most concerning part was the level of unawareness amongst young women about their own biology,” study author Lubna Pal, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at the Yale University School of Medicine, told  “Lack of awareness about: What does ovulation mean? What are the signs? Does it have any implications for fertility?” Will specific sexual positions or elevating the pelvis after intercourse make you more likely to become pregnant? Though more than one-third of women surveyed believed these tricks would increase their likelihood of getting pregnant, Pal said it’s simply not true. “A complete myth, no truth, no data to support that,” Pal said Most women surveyed admitted they didn’t see a reproductive health care provider regularly – and when they did, they didn’t ask questions that might help them gain a better understanding of their reproductive health. “This awareness (needs to) come at community level, school, college, women’s health forums, it should be a common language.”  

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