Hello Monday: 4 Life Lessons from Oprah Winfrey

I think we have it figured out that Oprah is one of my favorite people. I just love her (cues soft music). I adore her spirit, her tenacity and her hustle. She is the epitome of living the American Dream as she has risen from nothing into something. And not just a person with money, she has become a person of significance. She accomplished this by not only making herself valuable to others, but by her philanthropic efforts as well. Many people have waited for the day to see her fall, but she wipes away the hate and finds other ways to succeed. On my way to becoming my better self, her teachings have taught me immensely. Here are a few that have gotten me along the way. "Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness." Ms. Winfrey decided it was time to start her OWN cable channel. And while it was a great idea, the channel did not do so well in the beginning. The critics loved it! They were happy to see the woman with the midas touch possibly fail at something. Well unfortunate for them, she has been able to bring the channel around and find her market. Possible failure did not detour her. So often we as women view our failures as setbacks. If a relationship failed, we automatically takes the sole blame, had a child out of wedlock and are raising the child on our own--sole blame, failed to negotiate a salary, etc. So we don't even try or aim high. We don't grasp the teachable moments in these lessons. I can point to many times in my life where I thought I was a failure because something didn't work out as planned. But seeing where I am now, the failures truly connect. "What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine." Oh, when you tell God your plans, He laughs. "I got it God. I can handle this situation on my own." Ms. Winfrey's grandmother had plans for her to be a house helper/nanny for "good white people." God said differently. We can't even fathom the blessings that He has for us, but sometimes we have to let go. Let go of hurt, our own direction, people or places that no longer serve us. It's ok, that is the one (person) who has your back. "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." Clearly Ms. Winfrey has a gift. She has a great speaking voice and has been cultivating it from a young age. She has had people to realize this and help her along the way. But no one is solely responsible for her success. However, she does know the importance of cultivating solid relationships with people that can help lift you. If you are still in the same place you were 5 years ago, look around you. You have a desire to climb higher, but your dear friends and family could be unintentionally or intentionally holding you back. Not that they are bad people, it's just that you are on the same level. You (and your net worth) are a sum total of the 5 people you have around most. In order to grow, you must look to those who are further than you are. Don't be afraid to reach out to them and ask if they would like to mentor you. If you want to reach higher, put yourself in places where the higher ups mingle. "So go ahead. Fall down. The world looks different from the ground." Ms. Winfrey was pregnant at 14 years old and the baby passed away a few weeks later. No one knew about this until a family member leaked this information to the press. Oprah, understandably was devastated that someone would do this. She said she stayed in bed for days, but afterwards, she felt free. Many of us are afraid to fall because we associate it with pain and avoid it at all costs. We also avoid stepping out on our dreams because of this. What we don't realize is that to succeed, many times you will fall. It is here that you learn a lot, unfortunately lol. The good thing about being down is that there is no where else to go but up. I hope these teachings help you along the way as they have helped me. Muah! Picture of Ms. Oprah Winfrey courtesy of

You’ve Had The Power All Along Dear

  In the scene where Dorothy meets with The Good Witch and asks her to get her back to Kansas. The witch then proceeds to tell Dorothy something very important.  She tells Dorothy, "You've had the power all along dear." I think the tin man asks "How come Dorothy didn't know this or was it "Why didn't anyone tell her this?" Then the Good Witch said "She had to find out for herself." As we know, life does not come with a manual.  Many situations are indeed disempowering. Having you feel powerless as if you have no way to change it. You feel lost without a buck or a way home. We often feel lost to life, to people and certain circumstances. That is normal. I have given my power away in many situations, lawd hammercy lol. I would say the ex boos got the most of it and looking back, wasn't worth one ounce. Here are some examples: Compromising on my values-check Entertaining the lies-check Being gullible and thinking everyone has my best interest-CHECK! Or it could be the situations where you let someone tell you who you aren't or worse, who you are. The moments you don't speak up for yourself. The moments you allow disrespect and don't realize it till later, lol. I have been there and got the t-shirt, the coffee mug and bumper sticker. I wear them proudly. Why? Because now I understand that I allowed those things to happen, not because I didn't know better, I did. But I didn't understand my power as a woman and as a woman, what I have to protect. My dignity, my integrity, my sanity. Those things are not contingent on what others say and think. It is what I think and now that I know that I am powerful, I try my best to not ever let those things happen again. But hell, im human and we can resort to old things. But that is the beauty of life. You will keep getting the same damn lessons. My advice to you: Don't look back to those things in where you didn't realize your power. If you do so, make sure it is with a paper and pencil. But like the good witch said, "Sometimes you have to find out on your own." Don't wish for a life with a smooth sail. Choose the one in which you get the wisdom to pass on to others. It's priceless. (It also makes for interesting stories one day.) Muah!

Hello Monday: Putting Your Best Heels Forward

Oprah does it. First Lady Michelle Obama does it. Baddie Beyoncé does it. Arianna Huffington does it. And so do you! What these women (and you) have in common is the ability to do your best. The ability to go day-to-day with the best of intentions, but finding out sometimes it doesn't work out like that. But then wake up the next day to try again. Now the women that I listed above are the best in their fields, respectively. They hustled hard and didn't rely on just their looks to get to where they are. Not even Beyoncé lol. Homegirl been practicing and perfecting her craft since she was a wee Beyoncé. These women are the epitome of putting their best heels forward. And so are you. While you may not be on these women's status, you handle your business on a slightly smaller scale. I can remember when I was pregnant, in a bad relationship and still living at home with my dad. Although I aspired to do better, I just didn't know how. However, I would dream of doing better. After I had my son, I began working a part-time retail job (during the great recession) so you know them hours were short. I would stare out of the big ass glass window and wonder if this was it. I would wonder if this is what I was confined to, knowing I have bigger dreams? I wasn't really sure of what those dreams were exactly, but I knew it was something. So, I made one small decision to go back to school. The rest is history, I guess. The thing is that in the difficult times I still managed to get up and put my best foot *ahem* heels forward. Now my best was probably not viewed as my best especially by my employers. But damnit it was my best lol. A lot of times we tend to look down on other people/women because we would never do what they are doing--clutches pearls. We feel like people should know better and live according to our standards. Not realizing that maybe, just maybe they are doing their best. I was once giving this strange advice and puh-lease don't be offended!  Whatever you do be the best at it. Whether it's a doctor, a lawyer or a whore (lol), be the best one you can be. Now I'm sure said person meant the last one figuratively, BUT the message lies in there. Be your best, do your best ass and nobody can ever take that away from you. People will try to diminish everything you do, but they cannot take away the fact that you are a woman who put her best heels forward.

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