I Am a Conqueror

  Beauty For Sale "I am a conqueror and I don't accept defeat." I love Estelle's version, but that Jussie Smollet dude from Empire *hears harps** Those lyrics indicate how we should live our lives. Yes, the bad times come and make us want to give up, but we should understand that better days are coming. Don't give up. There have been many times, even now, where I am like "Can't take another day lol." My daddy, my best friend, the one person who has been in my corner 100 percent passed away a couple weeks ago. This was after watching him deteriorate in hospice for 8 months. It was hard and very lonely. It still is difficult. But I know one thing he instilled in me is tenacity and resilience. That defeat is not an option. Only greatness can and should prevail. But you have to keep looking forward, not backwards. And at the same time, being grateful for the present. In life you will get many curveballs. And you will wonder where that ish came from lol. Many times will come up where you have to get up and go about your day when you feel like staying in bed. Or even the days where you hate the mornings because you are so hurt. Nobody is going to get up for you. I mean yeah, you have friends and family that will help for awhile but at the end of the day it is up to you. It is up to you to say, I am not going to let this stop me or I am a success no matter what. Just get up. Do one thing that makes you happy and continue to do so. From there you will seek other things that make you happy. However, I do realize that sometimes things are not that simple. We all know your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You have a few positive thoughts and endless negative thoughts. What grows is the side you feed. Some people have a predisposition to mental illnesses through genetics, environment, etc and need to seek the help of a therapist and/or meds. (Please seek the help if this is you!!!) I am a proponent of this. Do not be ashamed, ever! But even if that is you, guess what? You are still responsible for your life. You are still the one that has to take those steps to beast this life out. It is possible. Conquer it.

I Am the Woman of my Dreams

  We all have this version of ourselves that we see in our head or heart. She is fabulous, fit, fancy #bossstatus.  However, when we look around us, it seems that those visions got lost in the translation of reality.  We are not living the dreams we see.  Ish is not playing out the way we envisioned it to be. This is a source of unhappiness for many. We are stuck between what we see and what is actually happening.  And nothing is more frustrating than seeing yourself as happier, doing better and accomplishing your dreams, but not quite seeing it manifested.  Understand that life is about the journey and not the destination.  Look at your vision for yourself years ago.  I would bet that if your present self is not quite it, you aren't far from it.  You graduated college, you are working, you are on your own, you have reliable transportation, things that used to bother you no longer bother you.  The point of having visions for your self is it promotes growth.  Your imagination is very powerful as it always gives you something to aspire to.  The bar is always set.  It is there to let you know what you are capable of.  So how do you get there?  How do you reach that woman? Well simply by realizing that you are already her.  Be grateful for where you are and those thoughts for the inspiration. It is there to help you.

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Hi! My name is Robinette.

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I am not a role model… just a messenger. Since I can remember, I have been in love with helping myself to do better and helping others.



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