Black Women Have the Highest Unintended Pregnancy Rate?

Why do Black Women have a high unintended pregnancy rate? I had an unintended pregnancy at age 19, with my wonderful son and know countless other women with brown skin who have as well. I know the hardships of not being prepared for a pregnancy and motherhood. I learned this growing up and watching many single mothers struggle to make ends meet. Did those women not plan a pregnancy? I can't say because I know of married women who had unintended pregnancies. But what is the culprit for the high incidence of unintended pregnancy? It can be Contraceptive failure, no contraceptive use, or believing in myths and misconceptions about sex and our reproductive system. For example, my favorite misconception is the pull-out method. Nothing has failed more women/couples than this lol. We have all heard it before, but just arm yourself with the tools needed to prevent a pregnancy if that is not what you want at the moment. For those that are low in the financial department, seek the assistance of a community health clinic. And also, please know what your insurance covers and doesn't cover. Muah!

Robinette’s List of 28 Do’s and Don’ts

In honor of my lovely 28th year of life, I have a list of do's and don'ts. Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved flipping straight to the end of a Glamour Magazine and reading the Do's and Dont's. I looked forward to seeing the styles and trends and how to wear it, or not wear it. Our lives are not as simple as a do and don't as there is a lot of grey area.  However, for the sake of this damn post, I have created a list of things that I feel are relevant to life.
  1. Do be yourself, because everyone else is taken.
  2. Do drink water.
  3. Do find your signature scent.
  4. Don't spray too much of it.
  5. Don't become dickmatized in a bad relationship. Don't be in a bad relationship.
  6. Don't douche….ever!
  7. Do makeover your financial beliefs and blueprint. You are worth more than minimum wage.
  8. Do pray regularly and ask God to help you discover your gifts/talents.
  9. Do talk and listen to God.
  10. Don't be judgmental.
  11. Do eat cupcakes and then exercise after eating the cupcakes.
  12. Do read more. Power is inside of a book.
  13. Don't hate on the next chick. You are fully capable of doing your own thing and in a great way.
  14. Don't be a doormat. You don't have to lie down to please others.
  15. Do know when it is time to go.
  16. Do put yourself & kids first above fleeting relationships.
  17. Don't lie with someone you can't call in an emergency.
  18. Do establish boundaries and take responsibility for your life and who you let it. Certain places, no one should be able to cross.
  19. Do eat vegetables.
  20. Do find a way to express yourself creatively.
  21. Do forgive yourself.
  22. Do spend time with your family and tell them you love them.
  23. Do write a book/memoir even if you are the only person to read it.
  24. Do travel 3 times a year (at least).
  25. Don't stunt your haters: Be happy if you have them. It means you are doing something right.
  26. Do respect yourself in relationships.
  27. Do speak up for yourself.
  28. Do watch some cool ass documentaries.
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Hello Monday: The Voice Within

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.  I know, I know, we have soooo many haters that it is too much to count on our hands and toes. "Girl, she been hating on me since we were in nursery school and idk why." "Her man likes me or at least I think he does." I be so fresh hunni chile, I wouldn't like me either." We are so quick to claim the enemies we have outside of us and how they are the sole key to our demise. Yet, we are hesitant to mention the enemy within. We fail to admit the times we didn't believe in ourselves. We fail to admit the times we didn't think we could accomplish a certain thing. We fail to admit the times we had what we needed, but then found a way to sabotage it and get rid of it. All because deep down, we didn't truly feel as if we deserved it. In order to progress, sometimes we must check the enemy within. "Whose enemy? I don't have no damn enemy within. I am a good person. " Most of us have that enemy that stops us and blocks us from doing things out the ordinary. The enemy within wants to keep the status quo and blend in as much as possible with others. The enemy within has been conditioned since we were younger. It tells us what we can and can't do. Why we shouldn't do something that will require us to grow and to remain the same. The enemy within is not necessarily bad, but it does keep us from accomplishing many things in life.  It's a voice that tells us what we should do. And no I am not hearing things lol. The voice you hear is the voice of failure. It is the voice of others telling you that you cannot do things. The voice is that time you performed in your dance rehearsal at 7 years old and you missed a couple steps. The voice will keep you afraid to try again. I don't believe that you can completely get rid of the negativity inside. Sometimes the voice makes you really think about things and I am sure that in certain cases it is necessary. However, in order to accomplish things in life you must discern when to discard the voice or when to take heed. More often than not you will have to discard it. Take charge of your life by being the boss of it. You determine what information is useful to you. Muah!

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