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Confessions of the BASIC Chick-Part 2: Tend to your garden and start hoing

Finding the Root of basicnessbrunette chair

Hello, my name is Robinette and I was a basic chick.  I am guilty.  For me admitting that I was a basic chick is like (hypothetically) admitting that I smoked crack that one time....Ok not that drastic, but you get my drift.  Although I knew that I am a great person and woman, somewhere deep down inside I didn't feel as if I deserved my true hearts desire.  However, awareness is a good place to be in. Becoming aware of something is the point when you are not only cognizant of an action, thought, etc it is when you simultaneously feel the repercussions of said action/thought and from then on, desire change.  Once you are aware that something is there, missing, lacking you can now find the root.  The root is important because often times, when we do things or act a certain way that has an undesirable outcome it is most likely the cause of something that is deeply embedded in your subconscious. If you are posing as a boss chick by day and live a basic chick life by night there is most likely a deficiency that you are not aware of and you will subconsciously sabotage your chances of greatness.  Your conscious mind is easy to access.  For example, "turn right at this light," "don't eat another damn donut Robinette."  Your subconscious, however, is a little more difficult to access.  But once you access your sub consciousness it will tell you why you don't resist that donut, or settle for mediocre treatment from others. I think some reasons a woman can become a basic chick (because you were not born one) is rooted in fear and feelings of inadequacy. In the area of fear I believe the fear of rejection is what compels most women to live at a basic level and not step out of the box and into their God ordained purpose.  Simply because as much as we say that we don't follow the crowd, or proclaim that we are grown (insert expletive) women, we all have a deep desire to fit in.  To decide that you will follow your dreams of becoming a writer, singer, etc and kill the basic chick takes courage because not everyone will support you.  Since we have a deep desire of acceptance we forsake our dreams just to be accepted and please other people living basic lives.  That sounds crazy to your conscious mind huh? The feelings of inadequacy goes much deeper. We all know on a conscious level that we deserve a fair treatment in life and we do positive conscious actions to ensure we receive good things (karma).  However, we almost always sabotage things subconsciously.  Jealousy of other women is rooted in feelings of inadequacy-A basic chick characteristic, being a doormat for men-a basic chick characteristic.  Your subconscious tells you that you are not good enough, that you have always lived at a basic level, and will continue to do so.  This is destructive thinking and will keep you at a basic chick level.  It does not matter how great (or not so great) you look, how much your job pays, or how many degrees you have. Your mindset has to change first. Can you identify your root? What deep rooted things keeps you at the same level or on the decline?  The title of this post is entitled "tend to your garden and start ho-ing."  For the record, this is the only time I will encourage a woman to start ho-ing.  Figure out what deep rooted feelings you have that are holding you back from greatness.  You can pray or meditate on it, but in order to see what you need to see, you must be consistent in these positive actions. Confessions of the basic chick life- Part 3 coming soon!
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Archive-Confessions of the BASIC Chick-Part 1: The double life

brunette chair Warning: Extreme repetition of the term "basic chick." Basic chicks.  Like air, they are everywhere.  Basic chicks work.  Basic chicks cook.  Basic chicks are in bookstores.  Basic chicks get pedicures, basic chicks tear it down on the dance floor.  Basic chicks date basic guys and they hang with other basic chicks. So one might ask "what exactly is a basic chick?"   Well according to Kendrick Lamar (I'm rocking my Poetic Justice braids), she is a woman who does not live life on an everyday basis.  She is the woman who lets life happen to her.  The basic chick lives, just in survival mode. Contrary to what you may think a basic chick  is not necessarily a scantily clad ratchet female that is in the club every other day.  The basic chick is *drumroll* a woman who lives below her full potential even though she has precious dreams and aspirations of being better and accomplishing more in life.  She dreams about making those strides in life, but she leaves the dreams in her mind and heart making excuses for not working towards them. The basic chick does not create her own positive experiences.  Yet, she looks to external things to create her happy and passively decides to just "go with the flow" (I will talk about that later) in life and relationships. The basic chick is one who has not found balance in her life.  She is the type of women who can excel in one area of her life and fail completely in another equally important area.  For example, she is the woman who can be highly educated or one who can hold a steady job, yet when it comes to relationships with men she strikes out, or when it comes to her health she neglects it.   The basic chick is the one who will lay down with a man who has no commitment to her on Saturday night, then attend church (by herself) on Sunday morning with arms outstretched praying "Oh, Lord send me a man!" So what do I know about this basic life? I lived it! I know the ins and outs of this mediocre life.  I looked to outside things to satisfy me.  I would look at other people and want what they had not realizing that I was sitting on unclaimed abundance.  It is important to take inventory of your life and focus on the good as your starting point. I challenge you to write down what good things you have in your life and refer to the list at least everyday.  This post is not to put any women down, but it is to lift you up.  What I've learned in life is sometimes the truth hurts.  I also don't believe anyone is perfect and that things in life will not always be perfect, but it is irresponsible to not take control of your life and reach whether it is to be a better woman, mom, career wise, or straightening up your finances.  I would bet that most women live a life below their full capability.  If you can identify with any of these characteristics, don't fret, their is hope towards living a life in which you realize your full potential. Has any of this struck a nerve? Let's fix it. Ain't no time like the present. Stay tuned for the 2nd part of the series that gets to the root.  Sometimes you have to take one step back to take two steps forward!

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