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Confidence 101: How To Be A Bold Chick

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I hear a lot about being a bad bitch.

It’s all in your favorite songs, even mainstream media has caught on. It is, I guess in a way a term of endearment….for some…maybe? I used to subscribe to this term also. I’m sure I may have used it on my blog…and I do use the word Bitch pretty often lol. But with growth, I’ve learned to evolve. Evolve into something much more sophisticated in a way. The term Bad Bitch was most likely created by a man. And I am sure that the intentions were good as the definition of a BB is a woman that is handling her business and taking care of her responsibilities. But why does it seem like we follow terms or ideas only when it is given to us by our ever so kind, opposite sex? I mean, can’t we create ideas, thoughts and let them define us. Because who better to give definition to a woman than a woman?

I like Boldness. I enjoy the (brash-ness) of Rihanna. I like Beyoncé’s quiet, yet strong demeanor. I even like Kim K’s boldness to make something out of absolutely nothing. Like how dare she? WTF does she do! I won’t ever knock her hustle.

I love Oprah’s Boldness. Who is she to start her own cable channel? Who is she to dare to dream and come from her background to where she is now? And the countless other women who define the odds placed against women Ertharin Cousin, Ursula Burns.

To be bold requires confidence.


So many powerful and beautiful women walking around. Too bad, many of us don’t realize what we are capable of. We only believe that other women are able to do great things. And that we must settle for the mundane aspects of life. Confidence is hard to come by and easy to lose if you base it on the wrong things. Confidence is not in the price of your heels. It will make you feel better temporarily, but what happens if you lose a shoe Cinderella? Confidence is not in the length of your weave. What happens when you are broke in between salon visits lol? You are still you with it or without. That’s what confidence is. The knowing that you are still you when you have and when you have not. Confidence is also the knowing that you can accomplish those things you set forth to do. Even if it seems impossible, you know that you can do it. It is doable. The dream you set forth is yours to take.

To acquire confidence, you must develop a sense of self. A sense of self is determined by what makes you happy and aligns with what you value. Your sense of self can also stem from your beliefs and/or faith. A strong sense of self keeps you from following the crowd and helps you stand out as an individual. Being bold will take you far in life. It will take you to your dreams and aspirations. Know that you deserve it and are worthy.




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