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5 Ways to prevent a fall from grace

woman standing on beach, watching sunset, holding sunThe dreaded fall from grace. You know what it is.  You have noticed it with some of your Facebook friends.  The ones that seemingly had "IT" together, now looks a little frumpy.  There is a popular phrase for this...."He/She Fell Off." If you ask me, I can pinpoint the exact time in life in which I "fell off."  Fell off of what you say?  You know that time or period in your life when you are not up to par in your endeavors.  For example, your style of dress is no longer the trendiest and you can't afford to have your hair laid like you used to. This happens to women for many reasons.  The stresses of a new baby or the loss of a job.  For me this unfortunate time in my life happened sometime in my pregnancy and it took YEARS for me to climb out of this rut.  Mainly because I decided to go back to school when my child was a year old and was unable to work full time because of school demands.  It was a sacrifice that I made to put my future as a priority and deny my wants at the time...getting my nails done, hair done, buying clothes.  And that was a HARD time. I am conflicted as to whether that is an inevitable part of life and wisdom of knowing no one will be on top forever or could that, me letting myself go have been prevented and was there a deeper root of me allowing that to happen to myself.  Who knows, it could be a combination of both.  But anyhow, I have compiled a list to keep you from getting stuck in the rut and keeping control of your fabulousness. 5.  Workout-Got 30 minutes? Stop lurking on Facebook, Twitter, and flexing on Instagram and watch one of the many YouTube workout vids.  Gosh this is a no brainer but who the hell has time for it? The answer is: you do!  If you have access to this blog, you have both things needed which is a lot of idle time and access.  But no, you would rather surf Instagram, FB and critique other women bodies (don't lie) and say how they're  (insert slick hate) butt has deflated, butt is not real, butt shots have gotten too big for legs. When we stop looking at others, it gives us time to look within ourselves and see what things we can improve in our lives.  Now workout should not be about losing a ton a weight and being on a weight watchers commercial with Jennifer Hudson and them catchy songs.  Working out should be about simply getting in shape.  If you are depressed, take a step forward and go work out for a week and analyze how you feel about yourself after. 4. Read-I know I may catch flack with this one from the people who say they do not like to read, but what are you doing now? Reading!  There is a plethora of self help info and other blogs on the internet that can incite knowledge in all. 3. School-To advance yourself in this day and age and up your income potential go to school.  No, you do not have to go to a 4 year university, you can go to a community college to pick up a trade in cosmetology, or health care.  Gone are the days where you can get by with no form of education, unless you have a solid business plan and work ethic.  Well you can get by, but you will most likely stay at the same income level and that is not good considering the fact that cost of living is steadily rising.  Yes school is hard, no you probably won't always have someone to watch your child, but this is an investment for your future that will keep you on your A game. 2.  If you are financially challenged at the time, become a Do It Yourself Diva.  This takes some time and creativity lol.  What I would recommend is to ALWAYS at the bare minimum get your eyebrows done or learn to do them yourself-make sure you have a Mac eyebrow pencil handy.  Oprah says that an eyebrow wax is an instant facelift.  It is something so simple and cost a couple of bucks.  A fresh eyebrow wax gives your face a glow and will keep your already beautiful face looking its best. Also, always keep some polish on your nails whether it is a color or a clear coat.  There is no shame in having to polish your own nails and toes(given your left hand does not shake on that right hand polish), track your own head, putting your eyelashes on lol.  The women back in the day did it.  I am amazed at how my mom does not go to the nail or hair salon, but she looks as if she does.  She takes the time out of her week to make sure her nails are always polished, which she does herself, and she would cut, dye, roller set her own hair.  And she would always have a flock of men after her. What I have learned in life is that it is not what you have in terms of material things, it is all in how you treat yourself.  If you take the time to pamper yourself even if you have to do it yourself, that shows that you love yourself and that is something money cannot buy.  Ladies, as it is easy to begin to neglect yourself in a difficult or sacrificial time, even the littlest of woman upkeep can keep you at your best and being the topic of your Facebook "friends" critical eye. 1. Pray to God Himself.  Self explanatory.  Sometimes life circumstances and people we encounter can knock us off course.  We get out of tune with our maker and prayers become shorter then few and far in between.  It is important to stay connected because Jesus will keep you on track and keep you at your absolute best. Well that is it for the list.  Do you all agree or could add to this list?  

Top 5 reasons smart women pick their friends wisely

110_F_46496733_wLyduM9WHYflSMVFpQyJ4FBiUsAjwLPiFriends! How many of us have them? Friends! Ones you can depend on...Friends! Oh friends, I have seen them come and go.  I would consider myself a great friend.  Mainly because I find it difficult to juggle too many friends at once, thus giving me the chance to deeply cultivate the ones I do have.  A true friendship is one that is beneficial for both individuals and involves a lot of give and take. I would say for the most part, I have had some great close friends and not so great "friends."  I have compiled some reasons as to why it is important that you learn to choose your friends wisely.

5.  Your business stays your business.  This old saying is the truth:  If your friend will talk with you about somebody, they will talk about you with somebody.  What makes you think that some one you "run it" with will not go behind your back and tell your business?  It can be masked as the person telling another's business, but attempts to turn it into them giving said friend "constructive advice" all the while behind that friends back.  We have all done it before.  Gossiped about somebody because we just had to tell someone, but would end it with "yea girl I hope she gets it together," kind of thing.  It is still gossip and should be avoided.  You have too much to do besides being someone's trash dump.  If you can get together with a friend and get the tea or run it, you best believe that friend will tell others about your issues.  A person that loves to hear gossip loves to gossip.  Watch for those things. 4.  Jealousy-If you are a woman and have never encountered a frenemy you need to reevaluate your life because you are not doing something right.  This is the friend that you can instantly click with, and as this "friend" gets to know you more and get an inside view of your life, their eyes begin to get green.  It starts gradually with them eyeing things you have and masking them as compliments.  Then it turns to slick hate type things.  Then it turns to them being nonchalant when you tell them great news.  Then it turns into them only telling you bad things about yourself.  I have encountered this on occasion and did not recognize these signs at first, but in retrospect the signs were there. 3. You are the sum total of your closest friends- Take a look at 5 of your friends.  You are the sum total of those individuals.  You spend a substantial amount of time with these people and possibly pick up on their habits-good and bad.  What kind of people do you have around you.  Are they ambitious go-getters or are they underachieving dreamers?  This is important because if you want to get somewhere in life, you must evaluate who you have in your circle.  Sometimes people can unintentionally (and intentionally) hold you back. 2.  You will only go as far as them-This is important rule as it suggests that in life you will only go as far as your friends.  It is akin to the saying "birds of a feather flock together.  When we get friends we attract people that have similar interests, personality, etc.  This is a good and bad thing.  It can be a good thing if the people have more admirable characteristics or personality than not.  For example, becoming friends with a person that has an ambitious nature can be beneficial because you will most likely want to become a little mover and shaker yourself to keep up.  If you have more friends that cannot stay committed to things that improve their lives it is actually a reflection of you and things you have going on within you.  Now this is not to say that you can't have one slacker type friend because most people need time to figure out who they are and what they want.  But if you have more underachieving friends than not, you should conduct a self evaluation and see why you are attracted to those types. 1.  They will have your back-This is a no brainer.  This is the person you can call for $10 dollars for gas and they won't clown you.  You can call them for money for food and they won't tell everybody.  You can tell them about your dreams and aspirations and they will give you helpful advice.  This friend will encourage you to move forward in life, and wholeheartedly believe it. Do you agree with this list?  Please comment.

What is your purpose?

I am fully aware that the cupcake has nothing to do with the post.  The cupcake is for my viewing pleasure.110_F_50491179_gFvPQiKHzvAxPOje2FUoYiOarvaUMISs

What is your purpose in life?

Why are you here on earth?  What gifts has God instilled in you that are specific and unique to you and only you?

Having a purpose is wonderful and guess what? Every person that is living has a purpose(s).  Everyone has a purpose in life that they are “supposed” to fulfill.  I put the word suppose in quotations because the sad truth is that many people do not know they have a purpose.  The thing is it is not because they do not want to have a purpose or destiny.  It is because they think having a purpose is for other, more special people.

It seems like most people think these sabotaging thoughts not realizing that they are in fact those “other” people  and “special” person.  I once asked an older individual what their purpose is in life and she said a wonderful yet what I believe to be a generic answer.  After hesitating she said her only purpose in life was “To raise my kids.”  While this is one of the greatest and fulfilling endeavors a person can embark on, I, being the high achiever felt the answer I was given wasn't  sufficient and didn’t require much thought.

Moms stay with me lol

To further elaborate lets say that your sole purpose in life is to JUST raise your kids.  What are you raising them as?  Are you raising them to be God fearing and compassionate of others? Are you raising them to be leaders and to be ambitious?  The main issue I have with an answer as such is what happens when your children are older and have left the nest.  Does that mean that your purpose in life is done and your sole reason for living has passed?  No, because you are still living.  As long as you have breath in your lungs you have a purpose to fulfill.

It saddens me to see wonderful, beautiful women who are living below their dreams and aspirations because they have not taken the time to seek out their purpose.  I wholeheartedly believe that you can only live a full life as God intended if we are living within our purpose.  Women, it is time to examine your life and become aligned.

Am I a b**** for feeling this way?

Most Importantly

Are you living a life of purpose?

Hello world!

  Greetings all I hope this blog finds you well and is informative to all that stumbles across it.  My purpose for creating this blog is I want to see more women find purpose in their life and look within themselves for self worth and validation. Peace and blessings!

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