What is your purpose?

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What is your purpose in life?

Why are you here on earth?  What gifts has God instilled in you that are specific and unique to you and only you?

Having a purpose is wonderful and guess what? Every person that is living has a purpose(s).  Everyone has a purpose in life that they are “supposed” to fulfill.  I put the word suppose in quotations because the sad truth is that many people do not know they have a purpose.  The thing is it is not because they do not want to have a purpose or destiny.  It is because they think having a purpose is for other, more special people.

It seems like most people think these sabotaging thoughts not realizing that they are in fact those “other” people  and “special” person.  I once asked an older individual what their purpose is in life and she said a wonderful yet what I believe to be a generic answer.  After hesitating she said her only purpose in life was “To raise my kids.”  While this is one of the greatest and fulfilling endeavors a person can embark on, I, being the high achiever felt the answer I was given wasn't  sufficient and didn’t require much thought.

Moms stay with me lol

To further elaborate lets say that your sole purpose in life is to JUST raise your kids.  What are you raising them as?  Are you raising them to be God fearing and compassionate of others? Are you raising them to be leaders and to be ambitious?  The main issue I have with an answer as such is what happens when your children are older and have left the nest.  Does that mean that your purpose in life is done and your sole reason for living has passed?  No, because you are still living.  As long as you have breath in your lungs you have a purpose to fulfill.

It saddens me to see wonderful, beautiful women who are living below their dreams and aspirations because they have not taken the time to seek out their purpose.  I wholeheartedly believe that you can only live a full life as God intended if we are living within our purpose.  Women, it is time to examine your life and become aligned.

Am I a b**** for feeling this way?

Most Importantly

Are you living a life of purpose?

Hello world!

  Greetings all I hope this blog finds you well and is informative to all that stumbles across it.  My purpose for creating this blog is I want to see more women find purpose in their life and look within themselves for self worth and validation. Peace and blessings!

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