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4 Powerful Reminders For Everyday Life

We all wish we had a guide for life. A guide that tells us exactly where to turn, which decision to make, where to go to school, which job to take or who to marry. We often times ask for direction and expect a loud booming voice to tell us yay or nay. For those who live and not under a rock, we've learned that life is not that clear-cut. Life takes us to places we want to go and places we may not want to go. But there are some things that are tried and true. Things or powerful reminders that we have to nudge us to where we want to go. Or to just simply help us on the way when we don't know where we are going. Here are my list of powerful reminders to assist you. 4. Life is truly what you make of it. Life will happen to you, but only by a stroke of luck will it give you exactly what you want. You have to pray and work and explore to get those things and experiences that you want. Want to get in shape? Guess what? You have to go to the gym. Want to be debt free? You may have to sacrifice some things temporarily to get to that point. The point is, you have to take a more proactive approach to live the life you want. 3. You are stuck with you, so get used to it. Want to get away from yourself? Good luck with that! Everywhere your ass go, there your ass is. Sometimes we want to escape a past experience or a past decision and believe that we would be much better if we can separate from that and live the life we want. Experiences make us unique and make us, well us. We shouldn't try to be someone else or wish our lives to be like theirs. We live so vicariously through others that we forget to live in our present bodies. This is the only chance we get. There are no do overs. 2. Beauty and style can really only get you so far. You know how many baddies there are? Especially nowadays with the beat faces and affordable clothing, that's a dime a dozen. Those things can very much get you there, but personality and intelligence will keep you there. I've learned to present myself in my best light, but to also put just as much effort into the intangibles. 1. If you don't ask, you won't receive. This doesn't mean that you will receive every time you ask. But it does relieve you of the guilt of not asking and feeling like ish for not asking. So many women don't ask. For fear of being told no, not wanting to be a burden, or not feeling deserving. Let's change that mindset and ask for the things that we want in life. A "NO" is the worst that can happen. Ok, maybe a "Hell No" and a laugh is the worst, but still you get my drift lol. But please take these and apply them to your life. We all want to be the best we can be. Muah!
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Women’s History Month Playlist

There are times where we may need a pick me up. Especially us women, gosh we juggle so much. One of my stress relievers is listening to music. Music is very soothing and comforting to the soul.  Depending on the song, it can alter your mood. Pick the right song, and you can pick up your mood. Music tells a story and inspires you to take on the world. Here is my Women's History Month Playlist. Enjoy! 1. (Who) Run The World Girls-Beyonce 2. I'm Every Woman-Whitney Houston/Chaka Khan 3. A Rose Is Still A Rose-Aretha Franklin 4. Not Anymore-LeToya Luckett 5. Gangsta Boo-Where Dem Dollas At 6. No Time-Lil Kim 7. Pretty Girl Rock-Keri Hilson 8. The Velvet Rope-Janet Jackson 9. Gotta Be-Desiree 10. Until It's Gone-Monica 11. Still Standing-Monica 12. Lose To Win-Fantasia 13. Respect-Aretha Franklin 14. A Woman's Worth-Maxwell 15. Diamonds and Pearls-Prince 16. Conqueror-Estelle 17. Let It Flow-Toni Braxton 18. Exhale-Whitney Houston 19. Take Me As I Am-Mary J. Blige 20. Feeling Myself-Nicki Minaj/Beyonce 21. What's Love Got To Do With It-Tina Turner 22. Unpretty-TLC 23. Not Gon Cry-Mary J. Blige 24. She Got Her Own-Neyo/Jamie Foxx/Fabolous 25. Grown Woman-Beyonce 26. Stronger-Britney Spears 27. Shake It Off-Mariah Carey 28. Independent Women, Pt 1-Destiny's Child 29. Believe-Cher 30. Diamonds-Rihanna 31. Bossy-Kelis      

#Issa Confession: He Didn’t Like My Natural Hair and I Still Dated Him

He was sophisticated. I was natural. He didn't like that shit lol. I met, let's call him Brandon like his real name is. Fuck him lol. He was an older, professional guy and had me on a damn thin ass string that I wouldn't let break. He was hot and cold. He would go away, I would get sad. Always trying to think of ways to get him back. *Facepalms for 1 hr* He would come back around and I would make sure that I was looking as delicious as my budget afforded. I would go buy new panties, just in case some ish went down lol and make sure my hair was on point. I was soon to find out he was very particular about hair.  In the midst of the "off-season" when I wasn't on his roster lol, I cut off my hair. A sweet little 22-year-old with a TWA (teeny-weeny afro). I was so proud! I felt liberated from my perm and could do whatever with my hair. Brandon calls a few weeks later. Whatsup? Nothing. You coming over? *Throws attitude with him first* Yes lol I get over to his house, yes, I know, and he looks at my hair with an almost disgust. You are natural, you cut your hair? Yes, do you like it? Uhhhhhhh……. Why didn't I leave then? Oh, I know why, teehee lol So once again, the off-season came early. He called a couple of weeks later and asked to see me. Cool, I can do that. Mind you my self-esteem is somewhere in the sewer beneath my house lol. Brandon asked me this question as a sort of prerequisite before seeing him: "Do you still have your hair in that afro?" *I touch my growing fro like a pregnant woman touches her belly. But its mine? I am natural. It's my hair. It grew out of my head.* No, I don't have my hair natural. It is straightened. It's not so much the hair. I wanted to see him. In my mind that was bae, and he was dangling me. How did I let myself stoop so damn low. I was willing to lie about who I am to be with someone who wasn't choosing me regardless if that shit was in an afro or wet and wavy. We set a date to meet, I immediately scheduled an appointment with the Dominicans. Date time comes, he never calls. Ha! Universe had a lesson for my ass. First of all, never alter yourself to appease to someone else. However, there is a difference between making yourself appealing to others which is fine. But it is when you are not being true to yourself that it becomes an issue. When you would go to great lengths to please someone who can give a rats ass. Secondly, why wasn't he dropped sooner? I felt like he was a rarity. He was special. That doting should have been extended to my damn self. Been there, not going back. Muah!

Why Being More Mindful Is In Vogue

I have the tendency to snap. I don't mean snap and be on one of those episodes on the Oxygen Channel, but just to lose my cool when it really didn't warrant that reaction. I could be thinking of other things at time and just take it out on whomever. Not in a bad way, but also not in a cool way. One way that I've learned to combat that is through meditation, more in particular, a guided mindful mediation. In mindful meditation, you practice breathing exercises and listen for a little bell that alerts you to be present in the moment. I first learned of mindful meditation after practicing just regular meditation. Not to confuse you as meditation's purpose is to quiet the mind and bring you to a present state, but there are meditations for different purposes also. I've used mediation for anxiety, fear or positive affirmations, but the main gist of it is being mindful of the moment. Be present in your life and the day-to-day of it. Life is passing us by at great speed and we are always trying to jump to the destination, forgetting the journey. When you are present in the moment, your focus is there. You are not thinking about something that happened yesterday and you are not concerned with tomorrow. You are thinking about now. The ever fleeting moment. This is especially important as being a mom, a lot of your patience is tested. My child requires the present me. Not the stressed out over the future me or ruminating over the past me. He needs me now and being an awesome now mom. This works of course if you don't have any kids. Use it in other relationships and watch the relationships improve. Give the gift of yourself. There is no time like the present. Muah!
Powerful Reminders

6 Ways To Pick Yourself Up When You Are Down

6 Ways To Pick Yourself Up When You Are Down I have seen some tough times....99% of it was all in my head--unknown author But damn, seriously, I have had some tough times. Times when I didn't think I would make it through to see the other side. Oh how we take a little joy and happiness for granted. But depression, etc all of that stuff is really serious. Days where it is hard to enjoy the simple fact that you are still here. Another chance to become who you need to be to impact yourself and those around you. However, sometimes you just can't see the forest for the trees. Sometimes our down times are self-inflicted. We knew we shouldn't have dated that person because our gut was screaming at us, or we lost our cool at work and were fired. Responsibility accepted. Many times, our pain is just life giving us the kick it believes we need and so rightfully deserve lol. It comes in the form of your parent becoming terminally ill, layoffs at work, not getting accepted into that college program, or you are dumped by the love of your life. The hard realization is that no one else can pick you up. The good thing is that you, yourself can. Yes, you. You are responsible for your life and are totally capable.  Here is my list of 6 Free pick me ups because we don't have money to blow like that. 6. Meditation. In the morning. In the middle of the day. At night. It doesn't matter. Your brain needs rest, because it's constantly running. We have over 50,000 thoughts a day. No wonder we are so tired. Our brains are running amuck! Take the time to give your brain a break. 5. Write down a 1 month goal plan. What goals would you like to accomplish? Now is a great time to get it done! Writing down goals gives you something to look forward to and even if you feel as if you are on your last thread, give you something to live for. 4. Pinterest. You can get your life and some organization down on Pinterest. I think of it as an online vision board. First, think of an area of interest and type it in and you will get your life. I have different boards for hair, fitness, house and it's cool to get ideas and take your mind off of things that are stealing your joy. 3. Reading quotes and researching about successful people's difficult times. Hard times aren't just for a certain person. Everyone has tough times that put them at the brink. Researching a successful person's adversity helps you to see that they were able to pull through and reach the pinnacle of their life's journey. Thats some real #goals. 2. Exercise. But who wants to get up out of the comfort of sheets and comforters? Your ass! Put on some sneakers and workout gear and get your sweat on. Admittedly, it is hard to get there, but you will see that it was so worth it at the end of the session. 1. Prayer. Need I say more. Speak with your Creator. Hear from your Creator. We always try to go through life figuring out things for ourselves and that is how we end up in sketchy situations. The best thing you can do is surrender to what God has for you. It is better than anything our little brain can come up with. *Honorable Mentions-Tea and coffee! Well there you have it little Inspireds. I hope this helps. Muah!
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Hello Monday: Kiss Your Timeline Goodbye

It's 2017, right? Can we rid ourselves of the pressure of what we are supposed to be doing at what age, please? What's your timeline? You know the way you've planned your life out. Graduate college at 21, acceptance into Law School by 22. Began bomb ass career by 25 and marry the doctor in the same year. Travel the world and have a first child at 27 blah, blah, blah. Look at the timeline you have set out for self. Has it panned out? Hell no, I'm sure. My timeline went like this: Finish college at 22, start a career at 23 making over $50,000, marry at 25. Ta-da! That's it. I've realized that I have been chasing this timeline, instead of adjusting to the whims of life. Like they say, "you can have a plan and make God laugh." Please don't get me wrong. This has absolutely nothing to do with goal setting and aspiring to worthy causes as we should. To aspire is to grow. This post is to confront that in life that sometimes things don't work out as planned and that we must be open to something different or a different route to a destination. I know a major timeline for myself and many of my friends were getting into a relationship. We were as young as 22 years old and wondering where in the hell was our Prince Charming. Fear would even creep in that it wouldn't happen. How sad lol. But I am sure a lot of other women share those same sentiments. We are so focused on the end goal, and we try to close ourselves off from the destination, to not feel the pain. So in the midst, we entertain(ed) guys that meant us no good, or that were finding themselves as well. This was done just so we could check it off our list. Rushing through life to reach destinations instead of appreciating the journey and what it has to teach us. One thing I have learned is that you cannot cheat God or the "universe" by trying to do things in your own might. What is for you is for you and it will come in its own time. You cannot rush the journey and fast forward to the destination. There are things to learn and humbling to be done. Release yourself from pressures and timelines you have placed for your life. Because guess what? Certain things are actually out of your control. Focus on those things that are within your control. That is how you grow. Be Fabulous. Muah!  

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