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Hello Monday: 4 Ways To Jumpstart Your Mornings

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A great piece of wisdom that I abide by is that you run your day, or watch your day run you.

Basically, Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Now of course, things happen beyond our control, but you should have an idea of what the hell should happen. If you have a million things to do, your day should not take off before your ass is up. You should go to bed with a note of what you have to do.  Yes, I know this is easier said than done. Who has time to plan their day? Um, the person that wants to create the life they want. That’s who. Here are some ways to jumpstart your day.

1. Create a to do list the night before. I repeat, this list should be done before you go to bed. This helps to keep your day organized and not running back and forth to the post office because you forgot the money order….and then the stamped envelope…and to actually place mailing into the mailbox thingy, true story.

2. Get some rest! Go to bed, you will not be successful staying up all night, you will faint from exhaustion. Its ok to rest, so long as your days are super productive and not just busy.

3. Get up early. The early bird does indeed get the worm. It’s so true. My most productive days occur when I am up and dressed by 7:30am. I feel all ready for the day and stuff.

4. Eat breakfast. Ok this one is for me.  I actually do not care for breakfast during the weekdays and am a lunch/dinner type person. #FirstWorldProblems smdh. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It jumpstarts your day, and gives you nutrients….I guess. Oh and it gives you energy. 3 cheers for breakfast!

5. Ok so the title says 4 ways to jumpstart your morning, but oh well, I have 5. The last one(s) should not be taken lightly and should be first, but I don’t feel like editing lol. Prayer, meditation and visualization. These three things will get your life together and real quick. I do these things in like 15-20 mins a day. I will discuss my methods in another post.

So there you have it. Apply this and watch your days’ productivity increase. You might find that you have a little more time because you are not wasting it. I want you all to live your best lives possible.


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