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4 Ways to Fall in Love….With Your Life

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What thoughts come to mind when reflecting on your life? Do you experience feelings of bliss and peace or resentment, regret and guilt? Are you grateful for what you have or focused on what you lost? Do you dwell on the now moments or your shoulda, woulda, coulda? Life gives you a mixture of things. It gives you good and bad, positive and negative or (in my Frankie Beverly voice) “Joy and Pain! I like Sunshine and Rain.” Your job is to acknowledge both and be aware when you are feeling them.

However, if you want to live a life in which you receive the very best in life, you must learn to focus your thoughts on the positive things. Falling in love with your life requires work. Because we are taught so often that love is outside of us and it is only validated when someone else affirms it for us. We are also told that we are unlovable. So although love is in our very nature and essence, for many it is a fight to get there. Enjoy your life and love it no matter the current circumstances. Not when you get a bunch of money, not when you get into a relationship, not when you lose weight, not when you get a promotion. But now. Please understand, your views on your current circumstances dictate the direction of your life.

So how does one begin to fall in love with their life?

Well first one must understand that it is a continuous process. You can’t say “I love my life,” and just leave it at that. I believe you must adopt certain practices that continue to affirm that. Here is what works for me:

1. Adopt a spiritual practice-My daily practice consists of prayer, meditation, saying positive affirmations and writing in my gratitude journal. All of this opens me up and places me in a space of positivity. These practices help me to be present and understanding that all I have is the here and now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet. And trust me, when I do not do these things, it is evident in my day. I will be snappy lol. (Items needed: Bible, headphones, computer, youtube-guided meditations, gratitude journal and 20 minutes every morning.)

2. Make a commitment to do or try something new every week. I don’t care if it is to try a different milkshake flavor from Dairy Queen, it is something different. It is opening you up to different experiences. Be open to receiving it. (Groupon gives you deep discounts on trying new things like yoga, pole dancing etc)

3. Express yourself creatively and find your passion. This makes life extra juicy. Nothing more appealing than someone who is purposeful and knows what their passion in life is. So many go through this life not knowing what they are passionate about or they know and fail to act on it. Take the time to listen to your inside voice and pay attention to the things that you like. Also, look at your pain. Many times your purpose is found in your pain. But don’t dwell on the pain for too long!

4. Being of service to others is an absolutely wonderful thing. It puts things in perspective in your life and you are helping others that need it! How much of a blessing is that. You can volunteer at a Womens Shelter or a homeless shelter. Or even volunteering at your local children’s hospital you will find that those you help are grateful for you.

What ways have you found that helps you fall in love with your life?

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My name is Robinette and I love cupcakes, cakes, and donuts! I am a follower of Christ, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I believe my life’s purpose is to empower women by inspiring them to rise to optimal living, hence the blog. I believe that I am already a success because I am following my dreams and on track to my life’s purpose and what to see other women do the same. I will share my life’s lessons and the wisdom I have gained from it using my signature humor…Ok I’m not that funny.

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