2018: The Year Of Your Glo Up

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Happy New Year Bishes!

2017 is gone and never to be seen again. It may not have gone so well or maybe you made the promises of all the things you will do better from 2016, and didn’t do shit. Whatever it was, it is gone and the fresh start begins. Now granted, you don’t have to wait until a whole new year to implement a change, but dammit, something about the new year just makes you feel all fresh.

I think people are starting to realize that time is flying by and we can’t keep dreaming of all of these lofty goals without IMPLEMENTING them. Take action to get to where you want. Sitting around wishing (and hating on others lol) that goals will just accomplish themselves is not going to work. You know what else is not going to work? Half-assing goals. What do I mean by half-assing? You know when you KNOW you aren’t 100 percent committed to a goal, but will do it and are indifferent on the outcome? You work on the goal when you feel like it, so long as it doesn’t inconvenience you and your Netflix appointment. I am so guilty of this! But no more. Let this be your year to shine. I don’t care if you have 1 damn goal set for this year, work until it is accomplished! Do not allow another year to pass and you fail to Glo Up your life. A Glo Up doesn’t necessarily have to just be aesthetics. You can Glo Up in different parts of your life for example your finances, spirituality, relationally, or career wise. But assess any of those areas. Take out a sheet of paper a divide all of these categories and list 4 goals for each. Keep this paper in sight or in a notebook that you refer to periodically. Do things differently. Mediocrity is no longer accepted. Get to work on time. Go the extra mile at work. Even though you don’t want to be there, be excellent while you plan your exit strategy. You should look back and see GROWTH! We can’t continue on year in and year out and getting the same results. This is the time to realize your dreams. We have more than enough time and in the same breath, time is running out. You owe it to yourself to accomplish these goals.  They are calling you.


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