Slay The Vision Board

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Everyone needs a vision. We need to have a working plan for what we want to accomplish in life. No, everything may not go as planned, but at least you will have an idea. Too many of us are walking around and feeling as if we have no vision, or that we must leave it as a vision, but no you must bring it into fruition.

Now, I am a visual person. I must see something to understand or grasp it. What has helped me a great deal is writing dreams/goals down. What has tremendously helped is putting dreams/goals into some form of illustration aka a vision board. Now I am a sucker for a vision board. I love going through my favorite magazines and cutting them up until I have created my perfect,excuse me, ideal life. In creating a vision board you find pictures, words, quotes or things that resonate with you. From there you pair it with other cool things. Then you watch as those things become a checked off mark on your life’s to do list. Voila!

A vision board works under the idea that if you constantly see something, images etc your mind will work towards bringing it about in your life. Repetition breeds results. So put the positivity on the board and be drawn to happiness. Ok, so maybe I sound like some whimsical fanatic but damnit, I need some joy lol.


  1. To get started on creating your vision board with your friends, family or self, you need some damn wine. People will blow your high when they take the picture of Beyoncé’s body that you will put every so neatly below your beat face selfie pic. So a little wine calms you down and helps you to dream bigger as well lol.
  2. Oh yes, you need your magazines. Preferably magazines you have already thumbed through a few times works well. My fav magazines would be Essence, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, O Magazine and Money magazine. There are usually a wide range of pictures to cut out from love, travel, career to health and wellness. A colorful sharpie pen works wonders as you can write in quotes and words you love. You will also need a cutesy poster board, scissors, glue and some meditation time.

A vision board is your dream for your future. It’s the direction you want your life to go in. We all need a little guidance to help us from wondering around lost. Give a vision board a try? Muah!

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