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Why Strong Women Assess Their Lives

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Where am I?

How in the hell did I get here?

Every time I am faced with a mini crisis, my inner philosopher kicks in an attempt to make sense of things. I start to philosophize basic ass shit. Like “Damn, why he not calling.” Or “Maybe I shouldn’t have spent my last $5.00 on Baskin Robbins.” It’s not that deep. Life is to be lived, so let live. Many things don’t require the deep pondering that we give it. It’s like we are majoring in the minor and minoring in the majors. However, there are many things that do require the deep and serious thoughts. The things that you and your baggage got you in that no amount of alcohol, sex, overeating or watching senseless tv can numb you to. The things that only you and God can get you out. That is worth the pondering.

The unexamined life is not worth living.

How can one go years into adulthood and not try to figure some things out about oneself? Things like your purpose, how break generational curses, how to do better than the previous generation, or why we do the things we do. Why continue on to the same things, getting the same results and not once realizing that a change is in order. To assess your life requires courage and many people don’t want to face the things they may find out. For me it meant finding out the object of my affections was shady boots lol, ouch!

Assessing your life requires you to take an objective look of where you are and pointing fingers at no one but yourself. It is not your parents fault that you would rather buy designer heels instead of paying your rent on time and not on the 15th with the $50 late fee. It is not ex boo fault that you used to go hard in the gym but stopped when y’all got together and gained some weight. And now he gone lol. It is not your clique’s fault that you are always in some ish. It is always our choices that bring us to where we are. We are the common denominator. To assess your life, be objective. “How did I get here,” is the first step. Backtrack little grasshopper. Don’t be afraid the revisit those glaring stop signs that God laid before thyest ass lol. What was your mindset like? How were you really feeling about yourself? I know anytime I had gotten into some ish, negative thoughts and feelings preceded it.

Also, keep in mind that there is almost always somethings to be learned in an assessment  of your life. Ask yourself, “what is life trying to show me?” I am learning that life is for me, not against me. Thanks Bishop Jakes. It may seem that all the forces of nature are against you, but truly they are working for you. I bet you can look back on many times you thought it was the end of life or that you wouldn’t make it/move on. Only to be able to connect the dots and say “hey, if that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have gotten this wonderful gift or met that amazing person. If you are open to seeing, there is usually a lesson. It is up to you to be brave to seek it.

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