Hello Monday: 4 Life Lessons from Rihanna

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Admit it. One does not think of Ms. Rih Rih as someone we can learn from. I mean, she is tatted up, very nicely I must add, shows her ass like literally and then there is the occasional nipple…ring. The Badgal Rih Rih (in my Island voice) truly lives in her own world and according to her own rules. Did I say rules? Yes, Rihanna does not abide by them or definitely breaks them.

There is much to be said of a woman like this. To move and live her life not fixated on who others expect her to be or conforming to certain standards of how a woman SHOULD act.  As a singer, Rihanna speaks to us through song, so here are some lessons from some of her biggest hits.

Live your life.  Not one to wait around for the fun to come to her, Rihanna does things on her own. She works hard….very hard and she plays hard. Rihanna does not seek others approval and it is evident in her actions. When she first hit the scene, she had the good girl image down pat to the baby bangs. She soon shed that image for a more edgier, risque version that she is known for today. Risque is her fortay. Then came the tattoos. All bazillion of them lol. What I love is her ability to change up her hairstyle, play with color and truly not give a damn. Rihanna talks how she wants and does what she wants. And she is not afraid to throw a lot of shade to the haters way if need be.

Bitch Better Have My Money. Rihanna had to learn the hard way that not everyone has your best interests at heart. She was robbed in broad daylight by her former accountant swindling money from her over a certain time period. By millions of dollars. Ouch! I cry if someone hustles me out of $10. But Rihanna almost went bankrupt because of this at a time she was supposed to be flying high. Instead of crawling up into a little ball like a biotch, Ms. Rih Rih strategized, came back harder and been on top ever since. And I’m sure she watches her money and the people she has around her thoroughly.

The next lesson was originally S&M, but hey that’s another blog post lol. To G-rate this post, let’s go with the call for help SOS, Please someone help me.  We go through life afraid to tell others when we need help. I know I do. I think I can do everything on my own. I believe it is a pride thing and being afraid to hear the word “NO.” But a woman is not an island. You must be willing to ask for help, delegate and collaborate to accomplish your goals and live a somewhat sane life.

Finally bitches, Shine bright like a Diamond. This is your life. This is your only life. Find what it is that you excel at and DEVELOP it. Make it work for you. It’s no secret that Rihanna has had to work a lil extra on them vocals. But who can outwork her? Just having talent will not get you a table at the front, you must have the drive as well. In the midst of all of the gossip, rumors, naysayers and embarrassments, you must continue to shine. Letting nothing, no one or  no unfavorable circumstances dim your light.

Now pour it up.


*Picture is from November 2015 Vanity Fair Issue*

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